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New Year, new you… YOGA feature!

January 7, 2015


  1. Alternate Nostril Breathing; it makes us feel calm, peaceful and serene, all at once…!
  2. Spins and turns. Just moving your arms around your body or turning around on the spot helps us to rebalance. Those Buddhist Monks had it right all along when they devised the Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites, based on a series of moves which they practiced (religiously!) A combination of bends, twist and balances to make you feel balanced and special…
  3. Wrist and Ankle rotations. Especially for those of us who either walk, stand, sit, use a keyboard or play sport or an instrument (ie most of us). 3 X rotations in each direction, assists blood flow and circulation.



  1. I can’t get enough of Reverse Triangles – they make you bendy and focus on the twists.
  2. Back bends (Wheels and Arches); support the root, heart, solar plexus and throat chakras. This is wonderfully releasing whilst strengthening upper arms.

Where to go to practice?

Yoga isn’t always a conventional exercise; it doesn’t have to take place in a studio, on a mat or even indoors. Provided it’s somewhere that allows you to centre and feel comfortable, preferably a peaceful place, you can be as creative as you’d like.

  •  In your garden or in a Park          
  • In London, I enjoy Greenwich, Blackheath and Hampstead Heath


At home

  • I first began my practice whilst seated (and lying \ rolling around) on my bed; on a soft, comfy mattress to support and cushion my self-styled semi-acrobatics (aged 12+). Practicing at home is a great way to continue what you learnt in class during the week…
  • The banisters and stairs; I love to dangle from the banisters, balance and use these for support when doing stretches on the stairs..!
  • In the shower! It’s a unique & peaceful place (no clothes required 😉 ) For a fresher stretch…

At a class with an instructor

Now almost everywhere inc. The Bishopsgate Institute at Liverpool St, Yoga Studios across the capital, local leisure centres & church halls…

Yoga can take place anywhere you wish!

Send in your photos of Yoga in unusual places… eg up a tree, on scaffolding…

New Year, new Yoga

January 25, 2013

When I got home following the quite high intensity of the FF class, I found that my good intentions to continue and release back pain fell short; winter, snow and hybernation combined to render a lack of desire (which befalls the best of teachers, in my experience, at sometime or another). Then we feel bad, because we, of all people, should be doing ‘more’, never ‘enough’ until we stop and think of what we are about. Often, a break allows us to go back within in any case and find ourselves seeking something new… 

Watching the cat proves to encourage a cat pose (knelt on all fours) and to stretch out through each leg, reaching behind. Returning leg to floor (exhale). Stretch other leg behind and away (inhale) and hold for a couple of breaths, before returning (exhale).

Butterfly and bend forwards (exhale)

Leg lift to surface and stretch

Half and full lotus releases like nothing else, pure bliss in a bottle. This is a v.calming and centering pose.

Restorative Yoga with Mimi 

Is not high impact or intensity with sun salutes etc, more a gentle, slow, releasing method.

We lie in a position, supported by big bolsters, blocks and belts for up to 5 mins. On our sides in a back twist, with bolsters by our sides and block between legs,  legs extended, legs bent (wind position) and crouched over, hugging a bolster, fully supported by the bolster, in supported child pose.

It feels really relaxing and nourishing, to be supported by beautiful deep red, strong cushion-like bolsters.

We lie back on top of a bolster to support the spine and allow the head to rest back and shoulders to reach the floor. It feels opening and releasing across the chest, diaphragm and rib areas.

I feel v. Rested but almost as if it ‘hasn’t worked’ until I find I can twist round when I was looking for a bus. I lay down in bed at night and felt no pain, no lower back pain or shoulder-neck pain at all. The twist helped enormously.

Mimi is a conscientious and knowledgeable tutor who takes great care to support her students’ abilities and personal physical conditions. She has a beautiful, light airy room from which to work and offer sessions, which is also v. conveniently located to rail and bus links.

My Buddha nature is vegan

February 15, 2009

Yoga practice, just practice. To stretch inside and out and almost inside out.

I started my sun salutes and felt my awareness shift to life and committing further to raw.

*Saying yes to raw is a default of saying and feeling a ‘no’ towards denatured food.

*If  you want to support Earth and life of Earth, Say no to denatured foods and yes to fresh, complete, whole food. Gaia, it feels like, is waiting, literally waits for us to take the step, take a risk, to BREATHE and smile. Here all the time. 

On a strictly environmental level, the resources and energy are high for cooking food and growing food to be cooked.  The energy placed in a bag of crisps is so much more than what is gained from them; that and old, old fat and sugar.   

Yoga with Gaia in mind, I am mindful of my body, me, and I balance freely, soles skyward.