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A ray of hope for January ‘Blues’; Case study Treatments & Special Offer

January 26, 2015

Following a ‘Blue’ themed party at a friend’s house on Saturday, to cheer us up from ‘Winter Blues’ l am adding my very own Seasonal speciality; a Special Offer for all those who felt the pinch a week ago, on the unpleasantly titled ‘Blue Monday’, as it was deemed the day which many may have abandoned their health aims & left their New year’s resolutions by the wayside…

This time of year is ideal for beginning our own, personal challenges to conquor and to find some assistance to assist us in these, where necessary.

Recent Case Study: I have spoken to 2 patients in both my Central and South London Clinics, who wish to have just that; support during times of their lives when their health issues are really crying out to be addressed and can be ignored no longer. Both had been prescribed medications through conventional means, though neither had proved effective.

A 1 hr consultation each later and both patients feel satisfied to accept the Naturopathic approach to their Treatment Plans complete with wholesome, easy to follow, individualized recipes sent to them post-session by email.

A new beginning could be just what the doctor ordered & if this is timely & relevant reminder for you, please take advantage of our Special Offer for January 2015.

An initial Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation for 1hr at either my Central or South London Clinic for the price of £64.00 (* 20% saving on standard clinic fees) (90 mins appts by practitioner discretion)

Home Visits from £50.00 (within London)

FREE 15 min consultation available NOW! 

For further details and appointments, please contact the clinics directly, or myself via email or phone (or message me on my blog here)

Friday and Saturday afternoons

Weekdays (Mainly available Wednesday)

Alternatively, visit my main website for all other routes of inquiry.

** Sessions may vary in length and duration, depending upon the individual medical & symptomatic conditions treated and assessed.


This information is for guidance only and is not to replace medical appts or advice. This therapeutic approach is unable by regulation, to claim to treat or lay claims to ‘cure’ any diagnosed or undiagnosed disease or condition.

Theresa Webb BA Dip NT. has enjoyed enabling many patients to experience better health through Naturopathic Nutrition appts for over 6 years and qualified from College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2013. She has attended several clinics and also works from home visits, out of regular clinic hours.

Contact experienced Nutritionist Theresa for a non-obligation FREE 15 min consult now! 

Cleansing with Cleavers: A Fresh Springtime Tonic

March 20, 2014
This morning I went out locally to collect the first batch of fresh, wild Cleavers and Chickweed of 2014.
These are plentiful and will become more so as Spring progresses into Summer.
To make a Springtime Tonic; simmer the sticky-hairy leaves & Cleavers stems in water for 5 mins to make a tea for cleansing out internally.
Supports and assists the Lymphatic system by (ridding of mucus etc) as it is shaped like a chimney-sweep brush! (Doctrine of Signatures).
Chickweed is a lighter textured leaf and more suited to eating directly eg in fresh salads. Chop or tear into small pieces and add into your favourite salad vegetables. Their small white flowers are budding and both plants can be gathered to grow back again shortly, so collect wisely and leave plenty (2\3) to continue to grow.


NEW! Nature’s Pharmacy 6 week Nutrition workshop series

October 18, 2013

Welcome to my blog on the culinary classes where you will find information on course content, previous participant testimonials, photos of the dishes you make in class and your comments are welcome too.

The course dates have been put back to start a few weeks later than currently advertised and are now expected to run from next Monday 4th November.

Advance booking recommended: Please register your place at the Gallery a minimum 3 days prior to the date. This allows us to plan for the appropriate class size.


Limited places; a small venue and intimate group to support & learn from a combined experience.

Foods to keep us warm over the Winter: These fresh, living food recipes, offer a visual feast as well as a delight to the taste buds. We look at organic (and the benefits over pesticide sprays) local, seasonal produce with a focus on Fresh Kale Super Salad, Fruity Roots Tropical Salad, Parsnips & home grown leeks, plus a range of tempting drinks including almond milk, walnut milk and hemp seed milk; all dairy-free and delicious with cereal, fruit or on their own.

No-added sugar desserts: those of us who love our sweets and have a sweet tooth will love our alternative puddings and know how on sugar-types that differ from commercial sugar cane or beet.

Learn how to include a good range of EFAs (without fish oils!), carbohydrates and proteins from plants, to minimize medications (under GP’s supervision) and reverse and reduce common conditions including IBS, psoriasis, arthritis, asthma, hormone balance, cardiovascular concerns.

Learn about the common store-cupboard herbs and spices and their anti-bacterial, anti-septic actions on healing and how to use plants in their medicinal capacities.

Session 1-6. Monday 4th November  – Monday 9th December 7.00 – 9.00 p.m.

Lead by local, experienced Nutritional Therapist Theresa Webb Dip.Nut.MBANT

Weekly superfood cards, quick recipes and hand out pack to explore: the role of calcium; where are the sources other than from dairy, where to purchase ingredients, equipment & prepared foods and clothing, the role of raw living foods as a source of energy and healing.

Berry Nice PieTwo-tone Asparagus SoupFreshly pressed Apple, Carrot & Ginger Juice

Free samples, discount vouchers, Funky Raw magazines, Vegetarian London Guides and a set of Kitchen Buddy Tea Towels to all participants registering in advance (see above).


Course x 6 weeks: £210.00 (save £30.00)


£35.00 each if you bring a buddy – share with a couple of friends (save £10.00 as a couple) or

£40.00 per person.

Registration and information: Contact The Gallery London

or Theresa Webb

Participant Testimonials

“My heart’s really improved and I’m the correct weight for my height. I used to weigh 12.5 stone but now I’m cutting down and that’s my diet now; it’s not unpleasant. I make a lot of the dishes and eat brown rice now. I used to have to take digestion pills and my digestion has become so good and strong, that I no longer need to take any pills. This way of eating; It’s good for my cycling and it’s much easier to ride now.” Alisdaire [he tells us that he cycles for MILES… practices yoga outdoors and dances weekly]