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London Permaculture Festival 2014

May 4, 2014

It’s just a couple of months away ’til the 4th Annual London Permaculture Festival. A one day event held at Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London NW1 7AY. Once again, I’m proud to be part of the volunteer publicity team on this special event day.

There will be workshops (intro and advanced), ‘how-to’ sessions, live music, films, a stalls market and a kid’s zone. Find more information at

Tickets: £6 (waged) / £4 (unwaged) on the door

Join people from all over London and beyond to discuss, network and learn about creative solutions for a sustainable, healthy future.

This is a grassroots event, organised entirely by volunteers, if you’d like to help out with program planning, publicity or being part of the crew on the day, please contact Kayode at:

London Permaculture Festival

July 22, 2013

London Permaculture Festival 014 cakes at lpf stall cakes at stall lpf effat2 large cake at lpf stall lpf garden hollyhocksThe 4th Annual London Permaculture Festival was held on 14th July in Camden at the wonderfully old Cecil Sharp House (home to London’s folk music & dance contingent). After 9 months of planning and group action from volunteers, it began with indoor and outdoor activities. Indoors a hall-full of interesting stalls and lots of workshops held in various rooms during the day. The programme featured everything to offer beginners to permaculture (permanent-agriculture) and the transition town movement (eg Brixton, Totnes in Devon) which is the fruit\outcome from this way of life. It is a very peaceful way to relate and connect an activity to people, land and creatures, which ensures that all elements are adhered to and taken into consideration. This practice does no harm towards either 3 elements and often connects them together, for the benefit of all organisms.

Inside the main hall, along with my Kitchen Buddy stall, with Foraging walk and class information, Funky Raw magazine (they sold out) and new ginger, orange & strawberry Truffles, Raw Food directory and cakes (sent over to the main cake stall for visitors there). I displayed the cakes prettily on card stands. The cake stall comprised of a heaving tables-full of wares produced and donated by the stall holders and there was a generous mix of traditional and vegan\gluten-free fare.

Talks were held on all areas of the principles to permaculture and suited beginners and more advanced practices.

Favourite stalls included: Stir Magazine, organic strawberries, Vertical Veg, local growing projects, transition towns, Meadow Orchard and Hodmedods beans & peas, Third Estate Clothing, local crafts & growing communities, books, charities, where the wild things grow, Spiralseed (Graham Burnett), Rainforest Saver and Garden designers.

The Rainforest Saver charity has projects in tropical areas to build sustainable livelihoods with the local indiginous peoples: They were favourite for their pretty, colourful designs on T-shirts with flowers from Honduras. I bought one as I firmly believe in their principles and the couple are like lecturers from the University there. They had a great quiz to test your knowledge on effects of rainforest logging and livelihoods too.

Clothing from Third Estate in Camden is all eco and includes dresses made from wood pulp, upcycled items, organics, florals and those from local producers.

At my stall, I chatted to visitors about foraging, gardening & growing, raw chocolate, carob pod fun with my friend Andrew and met Paz, Julia and a couple of other friends from other places. We went out side for some much needed fresh air, as we’d been indoors for 7 hrs on the hottest day (it felt) so far in the heatwave.

At the end of the day, stalls packed away and seating set out for the music performance from The Formidable Vegetable Sound system. They played a great set (which I previously heard at Glastonbury and for which I was glad, as all I needed to do was sit and later to lie in the shade of a great London Plane tree, relax with my festival of life crew and have Andrew (reflexologist) massage my feet – which was a bit agonising in parts but superb over all. Highly recommended end the a day.  Effat handed us cornflowers and shared from her wild foraged huge bundle of chickweed which I am still making my way through (& keeping fresh with water in the fridge). 5hrs reco-operation under a tree was ideal and even though I forgot that mosquitos are out on balmy nights and don’t like to be sat on… I would do it again. For more music and line-up visit here

If you haven’t previously heard their music (which is likely at present) take a listen to their spoken words and watch cool videos online 🙂

World Vegan Day Living Food workshop

November 4, 2009

A day workshop with ‘Alternatives’ in Covent Garden on Sunday 1st November. Winter raw foods.

We made a 3 course raw vegan lunch.

Winter Menu: Tomato & Red Pepper Houmous with my new recipe spiced crackers, Grated winter roots; parsnip, beetroot, swede and pumpkin. Kale and puy lentil salad with Avocado and Seagreens seaweed, Sprouting Quinoa with parsley and hazelnuts. Apple & Vanilla Cinnamon Cream and a Sunflower Seed and Apple Milkshake.



Woodland running

April 21, 2009

I’ve been for a run around the local park and woods and discovered hoards of hogweed/cow parsley. It’s long stems are a little like celery and in Spring it has little white flowers. The stems are juicy and edible. I’m feeling Reconnected with Earth, provided by her, in eaten some for 15 mins and it’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve run home much faster and my skin is clearer and eyes whiter and brighter.

April 16, 2009

Each day, I pick and collect some plants for lunch. Wild dandelions, with cuc, a carrot, mung beans, a little oil, a pepper and a little tahini.

My Buddha nature is vegan

February 15, 2009

Yoga practice, just practice. To stretch inside and out and almost inside out.

I started my sun salutes and felt my awareness shift to life and committing further to raw.

*Saying yes to raw is a default of saying and feeling a ‘no’ towards denatured food.

*If  you want to support Earth and life of Earth, Say no to denatured foods and yes to fresh, complete, whole food. Gaia, it feels like, is waiting, literally waits for us to take the step, take a risk, to BREATHE and smile. Here all the time. 

On a strictly environmental level, the resources and energy are high for cooking food and growing food to be cooked.  The energy placed in a bag of crisps is so much more than what is gained from them; that and old, old fat and sugar.   

Yoga with Gaia in mind, I am mindful of my body, me, and I balance freely, soles skyward.