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A ray of hope for January ‘Blues’; Case study Treatments & Special Offer

January 26, 2015

Following a ‘Blue’ themed party at a friend’s house on Saturday, to cheer us up from ‘Winter Blues’ l am adding my very own Seasonal speciality; a Special Offer for all those who felt the pinch a week ago, on the unpleasantly titled ‘Blue Monday’, as it was deemed the day which many may have abandoned their health aims & left their New year’s resolutions by the wayside…

This time of year is ideal for beginning our own, personal challenges to conquor and to find some assistance to assist us in these, where necessary.

Recent Case Study: I have spoken to 2 patients in both my Central and South London Clinics, who wish to have just that; support during times of their lives when their health issues are really crying out to be addressed and can be ignored no longer. Both had been prescribed medications through conventional means, though neither had proved effective.

A 1 hr consultation each later and both patients feel satisfied to accept the Naturopathic approach to their Treatment Plans complete with wholesome, easy to follow, individualized recipes sent to them post-session by email.

A new beginning could be just what the doctor ordered & if this is timely & relevant reminder for you, please take advantage of our Special Offer for January 2015.

An initial Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation for 1hr at either my Central or South London Clinic for the price of £64.00 (* 20% saving on standard clinic fees) (90 mins appts by practitioner discretion)

Home Visits from £50.00 (within London)

FREE 15 min consultation available NOW! 

For further details and appointments, please contact the clinics directly, or myself via email or phone (or message me on my blog here)

Friday and Saturday afternoons

Weekdays (Mainly available Wednesday)

Alternatively, visit my main website for all other routes of inquiry.

** Sessions may vary in length and duration, depending upon the individual medical & symptomatic conditions treated and assessed.


This information is for guidance only and is not to replace medical appts or advice. This therapeutic approach is unable by regulation, to claim to treat or lay claims to ‘cure’ any diagnosed or undiagnosed disease or condition.

Theresa Webb BA Dip NT. has enjoyed enabling many patients to experience better health through Naturopathic Nutrition appts for over 6 years and qualified from College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2013. She has attended several clinics and also works from home visits, out of regular clinic hours.

Contact experienced Nutritionist Theresa for a non-obligation FREE 15 min consult now! 

Yoga and Raw Living Foods Workshop Day 3\8\14 Oxford

June 20, 2014

Yoga & Raw Food Workshop Day in Abingdon 

Sunday 3rd August 10am – 4\5\5.30pm

You are invited to be part of a small group to learn new yoga & raw food techniques to enrich your body, mind and soul. The day promises not only to enhance your knowledge and experience of Yoga and raw living foods but also to develop them further, to take away with you in to the following weeks and beyond.

Experience the unique combination of Yoga movement and cleansing, alkalising nutrition.

For both beginners and non-beginners alike, this day offers an opportunity to learn in a small group (max 10 places) on Theresa’s first workshop in Oxford for 2 years.

To take time out of our busy schedules to experience a unique day, specially created by Theresa, in the peaceful surroundings at St Ethelwold’s House, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. We are fortunate to use this delightful venue, complete with its original features; its Hearth (dining area), kitchen and garden overlooking the River Thames. The area is a peaceful\calm\relaxing but vibrant retreat from the bustle of town. It provides an ideal location to re-connect and replenish your body & mind both with Yoga (asana & breath work) and freshly prepared nourishing raw & living plant foods.

For further details of the venue, visit their website here:

This day includes:

2 x 1hr Yoga Workshop with Theresa, to start and complete our retreat day together.

Theresa will guide you through a series of simple Yoga Asana (postures), breathing exercises and relaxation to re-connect to our breath and physical body more than in daily life. This enlivens our spirit, creative ability and our imagination…. The sequences are suitable for beginners and more experienced students alike to improve their current yoga practice. Theresa is a qualified and experienced Children’s Yoga Teacher and has also taught adults on retreats in Turkey and on short business classes in London.

Yoga and fresh raw living foods naturally combine to enhance our inner and outer experience; to help us to flourish internally & externally and re-connect to our inner-selves.

Anti-aging recipes for all to replicate at home, whether busy professionals, for a family or alone.

Sample Summer Menu

Foraging leaves – lime leaves and Pesto dressing

Spaghetti Courgetti & Lentil bolognaise

Juice and herbal teas. Mint \ lemon balm….

Vanilla ice-cream with berry sauce \ mixed berry ice cream \ pie dessert.

Samples: Raw Chocolates


Workshop Day Schedule

10 am Welcome and light drinks

10.15 Yoga outdoors if weather permits (or indoors if weather is not fine)

11am Introduction to Raw Foods, nutrition talk and practical demonstration of favourite Kitchen Buddy anti-aging recipes.

11.30am Group lunch preparation

12.30-2pm Lunch

3pm Yoga, relaxation and garden walk lead by Theresa

3.45 Resources & additional info

Kitchen Buddy Raw Food Shop opens -on sale products to purchase  – magazines, raw treats & snacks: chocolates and crackers.

4pm close depart, pack up

(4.30 pm depart after pack up)

Items to bring: Yoga mat, comfortable yoga clothes (to change\or wear during the whole day) a pair of indoor shoes\slippers, aprons, pen, extra spending £.*

*There will be additional raw & yoga related gifts to purchase on the retreat day itself, so please be prepared if you wish to purchase snacks for the week \gifts etc.)

Tickets, booking and payment details


£95.00 per person 10% discount for groups x5 @ £85.50 each

Concs.(with proof of status) £75.00

A £10.00 deposit per person payable in advance

  • Deposit (or full payment) to be received by Sat 12th July
  • Full payment to be received by Thursday 31st July

Payment by BACS \ Paypal \ Cheque

You will receive a confirmation of your booking by Email (or phone)

Please contact Theresa directly if you need to make any alternative arrangements to the above.



Events Diary for Spring & Summer 2014 (Eco, Raw Food, Vegan, etc)

June 3, 2014

Kitchen Buddy Nutrition is attending, present at (& occasionally a visitor) at the following events Spring \ Summer 2014

Look forward to meeting you over the coming months at an event or more here…


Sat 7th June Doug Graham

Sat 21st St Dunstan’s Fair, Catford. Raw Chocolate Talk & workshop

Sun 22nd Raw Food Pot Luck

Sun 22nd Brian Clements (*TBC) Fresh – Network


Fri 4th-Sun 6th V-Delicious & Allergy and Free from Fair at Olympia (online discount tickets)

Sat 5th Goldsmiths Community Day (*TBC)

Sun 6th London Permaculture Festival

Thurs 17th – Mon 21st Raw Fest  (how many times can you spot me in the picture below? 😉 )


Sunday 3rd August Yoga & Raw Food Day Workshop TBC (please contact us for details)



Sat 13th Festival of Life

Sat 27th-Sun 28th  (*TBC) VegFest at Olympia.


Ecstatic & meditative Dance with Live Music

One Spirit  Raw & Cooked Vegan Cafe

Urubu  Provides dancers’ complimentary Liquid Love Raw Chocolate Shots

5 Rhythms


What do you want to give up for Lent? 40 days of FREE Top Tips

March 4, 2014

If, like me, you were brought up in the UK in ’70s in UK, you’d be familiar with having had chocolate as a child and through life in general; not so in Vietnam, as I’m reliably informed by my Vietnamese house-mate, that since the country is so hot and was impoverished, post-war era, chocolate was an unheard of luxury and they didn’t eat it really at all, since it couldn’t be stored without a fridge (& they had no fridges at that time). My housemate therefore has no sweet tooth for any chocolate substance, to the same degree as us ‘Westerners’.

I enjoy chocolate even more since I’ve been eating ‘conscious’ style raw \ organic ones since I started avoiding ‘commercial’ versions which are far lower in cacao content on account of their being mixed with dairy products and sugar. Having been diagnosed with candida 11 years ago, which left me feeling awful, I took the decision to cut-out all sugar, dairy & wheat from my diet and instantly felt much better but it took a while to continue it onwards.

I had to cut out chocolate for 9 (long) months, which was agonising at first, as a minor-chocoholic, but after this period of time, I felt free from any addiction and clear in myself to never touch it again. I used carob powder as an alternative substance, to make mousses, sweets and dairy-free nut & seed milkshakes, which is absolutely delicious and a v.nutritious ingredient in its own right.

However, this was not to be the case as I felt a new respect for the cacao bean and chose to find alternative options to the commercial varieties available and the alternative raw options which weren’t quiet to my taste. Hence, my love of raw chocolate adventures began to take form and my respect for it deepens during Lent time, when for another 40 days, I use carob and other substances (all legal) to replace the cacao beans…

What are you going to give up for Lent this year? Chocolate, alcohol, crisps…?

For the following 40 days, I aim to deliver my Top Tips on the most popular substances to give up for Lent; how to cope with any withdrawal symptoms, what to expect in terms of results and benefits and what to eat & drink instead; the best alternatives available.

Day 1. Chocolate

As an alternative, try Carob powder in dairy-free ‘milk’ shakes, sweets and mousses. Recipes here…

To mimic that chocolatey taste & flavour, Carob is my all-time favourite ingredient (& that of children too).

Carob Milkshake


20g Pumpkin Seeds

30g Walnuts

1 Banana or plantain

1tbsp Carob powder


  1. Blend nuts and seeds with water to form a milk
  2. Add all remaining ingredients and blend to form a creamy chocolate-tasting shake.
  3. Perfect for Lent!



Green Salad Wild Food Foraging Walk

May 2, 2013

With enormous thanks extended to the immensely talented Anne-Marie at Lewisham Gardens for her beautiful designs on the food-nature walk posters. Image

Wild Food walk lead by Theresa Webb Dip.Nut mBANT Nutritional Therapist.

Explore and discover wild foods in Hither Green and then learn how to prepare and eat them.

Learn more about the nutritional benefits and medicinal properties of over a dozen local species as well as their uses in soups, teas, salads and skin care.

Book in advance today! (for our organising of lunch people) Prices include lunch: Adults £11.00 Children *FREE*  (eg. a family of four £22.00.)  Call or email Theresa to book your place(s)

Chelsea Fringe details here:

Beginners Raw Food 6 Week Programme ~ Improve your Winter Wellbeing

January 7, 2013

There is still time to attend the North London series (due to begin next week). 

An incredible, life-changing 6 week programme presented by top London Nutritional Therapist and Owner of Kitchen Buddy, Theresa Webb Dip. Nut. mBANT features detailed demonstrations, guided hands-on tuition, organic seasonal recipes, 5+ samples, plus sumptuous Raw Chocolate and truffle tasters.

All wholefood recipes are wheat, gluten, sucrose, egg and dairy free

[b]Evening Programme [/b]
Tuesday 15th January 2013 Until Tuesday 19th February 2013
7.00 – 9.00 p.m.

[b]Special Offer * Bring a friend at £60.00 per couple (SAVE £10.00)*[/b]
Individual £35.00 per class

Workshops are held at an exquisite private Hampstead NW1 residence.

To book contact Mimi or Theresa Webb

We are not currently taking online bookings 😦 

We still accept BACS, paypalImage, however.  

Introduction to Raw and Living Foods. Level 1 Class May-June 2012

April 21, 2012

The Gallery London and I have teamed up to offer a 6 week programme series on creating sustainable, ethical, raw, vegan and quick, healthy foods.

We have a great event planned beginning next month from Monday May 14th  – 25th June at  The Gallery London

132 Hither Green lane, Hither Green, London SE13 6QA. Tel. 07592 341 051

For a group of up to 10 participants, we shall be preparing a different set of dishes each week:

  1. Living foods & Sprouting: equipment, ingredients and methods to grow your own most nutritiously dense foods with a mini indoor garden, for any size kitchen.
  2. Starters: Dips, dressings and sauces
  3. Drinks: Juices, smoothies, dairy-free milks and shakes
  4. Lunches
  5. Main meals
  6. Puddings and Desserts
Hands on tuition plus all these extras:
  • A complete introduction to raw and living foods and wheat-free grains, plus preparation techniques.
  • Make in under 15 mins: simple and gourmet recipes bursting with delicious new tastes and flavours
  • Naturopathic Nutrition and the medicinal properties of Wheat, gluten, lactose-free, soya-free, agave-free and no-added sugar foods and herbs.
  • Make the most of your kitchen space, equipment and ingredient storage
  • Cheap eats: healthy eating on a budget and ingredient sourcing
  • Light, energising Living Foods Meal samples to share together and take away
  • Suitable for all levels and for coeliacs and diabetics.
  • Upon completion of the 6 sessions, participants will receive a Kitchen Buddy Level 1 certificate of attendance.

The many effects of a wheat-free, dairy-free and raw living food diet include: weight loss or regulation, clear, soft and healthy skin (reduce eczema), enhances sport & dance performance and recovery (endurance, stamina and strength) and enlivening energy. Treatments for conditions: Digestive disorders (IBS, constipation, leaky gut, colitis), muscular aches and joint discomfort (arthritis) cancer (holistic support), high blood pressure and cholesterol, female health (menstrual cycle, thyroid, urinary, Candida), depression and fatigue, fertility, pre and post-natal nutrition.

Workshop Programme Prices

6 Weekly Classes £210.00  per person (Individual Class £35.00)

Discount Group Bookings – please contact me for details.

 To make a booking, please ring 07734 166 738 or email