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Events Diary for Spring & Summer 2014 (Eco, Raw Food, Vegan, etc)

June 3, 2014

Kitchen Buddy Nutrition is attending, present at (& occasionally a visitor) at the following events Spring \ Summer 2014

Look forward to meeting you over the coming months at an event or more here…


Sat 7th June Doug Graham

Sat 21st St Dunstan’s Fair, Catford. Raw Chocolate Talk & workshop

Sun 22nd Raw Food Pot Luck

Sun 22nd Brian Clements (*TBC) Fresh – Network


Fri 4th-Sun 6th V-Delicious & Allergy and Free from Fair at Olympia (online discount tickets)

Sat 5th Goldsmiths Community Day (*TBC)

Sun 6th London Permaculture Festival

Thurs 17th – Mon 21st Raw Fest  (how many times can you spot me in the picture below? 😉 )


Sunday 3rd August Yoga & Raw Food Day Workshop TBC (please contact us for details)



Sat 13th Festival of Life

Sat 27th-Sun 28th  (*TBC) VegFest at Olympia.


Ecstatic & meditative Dance with Live Music

One Spirit  Raw & Cooked Vegan Cafe

Urubu  Provides dancers’ complimentary Liquid Love Raw Chocolate Shots

5 Rhythms


Wake up from Winter! Superfood Smoothie Talk & Demo at NYR Blackheath

April 3, 2014

Last night, owner Alina & I were joined by a group of 8 female customers from Blackheath Neal’s Yard Remedies for our Talk & Demo Workshop on healing through superfoods with 3 individual, special smoothies & desserts.

Each ‘Superfood’ is a versatile ingredient in its own right. Initially, here’s what we can do with them, at home: Add to salads, dressings, soups, cereals, desserts and tonight: drinks.

These are fun to make at home; they’re not too sophisticated (or complicated).

We made a fresh Almond milk as a dairy milk alternative, to add protein and fat to the drinks and which slows down the sugar release during the day.

Stress Support, Adrenal Adaptogen

A base of almond milk, banana and berries with added Viridian Omega Oil for EFAs (a blend of flax, hemp, avocado & evening primrose oils) and Rhodiola Root. A delicious, deep pink\purple drink with a creamy texture. Supports the adrenal glands to support against stress eg. revision, exams, a busy day or evening ahead.

Alkaline & Detox Beauty Cleanser

This uses the same base but with added Soul Food Greens – a blend of Spirulina, Seagreens seaweeds, Wheatgrass & Barley Grass powders, plus Omega Oil. A deep purple\green colour to aid in alkalising and reducing acidic affect of processed food or fruit sugar. This helps to rebalance us towards pH7.5 a more balanced state internally. They reduce heavy metals and provide minerals inc. Iron, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. Alina informed us that this blend (or Spirulina alone) is a useful travel supplement taken on long-haul flights may reduce jet-lag.

Active Energy; Sports & Fitness 

Again, we used the same fruit & nut milk base and then we added additional soaked Gogi berries (in warm water), Chia seeds, Coconut Oil and Baobab powder. This would add Vitamin C for immunity and cell growth, EFAs & energy metabolism, fibre and many minerals inc Calcium and Vitamin K. Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid to support muscular growth & development and sports performance.  This is a pretty coral\pink\red colour drink\dessert. This was the group’s firm favourite; possibly due to the added fat from the coconut, Baobab fibre and bright colour! Coconut Oil is also antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. As such, we shared that it is also useful as a treatment against head lice in children, a treatment against internal parasites and as a make-up remover and moisturiser!

All the smoothies turned out to be thicker due to the frozen state of the mixed berries (but would be thinner with more added juice or water.) They’d also make an excellent dessert, or frozen into ice cream or lollies for children.

When avoiding fruit or bananas, use the superfood powders along with Avocado for chilled soups, with added vegetables (inc. cucumber, celery, kale, herbs etc). We suggest that you could also use other fruit eg mangos, kiwis, orange, peach, plum, plantain or pears instead of bananas.

Participant Feedback from the Talk & Demo:

“I really like the almond milk. It doesn’t taste like dairy (milk) – It doesn’t have that … cloying effect that cow’s milk has, it’s lighter.” Lindsay

“I really enjoyed it”. Rosie

All products may be purchased through NYR.

There will be more talks planned for the coming months.  Shop location here:

Including Raw Chocolate, a sugar-free, locally handmade chocolate that is good for you!

Get your GLOW on!

March 23, 2014

I walked into one of my favourite health stores in London this afternoon and was greeted by the owner, Steve “Wow! You’re glowing today!” I smiled and suggested that it may have been perhaps that I’d worn my hair up…? (I could think of no immediate difference from any other day.) “No, you’re definitely glowing!” he replied. “Aha! I’ve been collecting wild greens and making tea, soup, eating more fresh fruit & … barefoot gardening…!” I responded. So here’s how to get on a glow, naturally 🙂

Sleep, rest (another hr would be nice…)

Meditiation. My friend Joe announced this week that meditating for just 5 mins can change your whole day.

Barefoot gardening. Gardening in general – hands in the soil (as opposed to our mobile devices – re Satish Kumar’s recent quote in Resurgence magazine) is a good thing. Taking off your shoes and socks, voluntarily and pootling around the lawn and paths on a warm sunny day, is even better 🙂 Grounding through the earth, soil, negative ions, makes for a pleasant 20 mins gardening session weekly \ daily.

Weeds up to your ankles? Find your local hot-spots for naturally wild growing edibles. March brings nettles, cleavers, chickweed, mallow and many more soon & before long there’ll be a multitude to chose from. This involves knowing what, where and how to collect. See other blog posts for info on this weeks’ collection items. Clearly, they have done their job. 2pts Cleavers Tonic = Cleansing to a glow on another level! Lots grow in my local nature reserve, clean alley ways and woodland.

Natural Hygeine and Food Combining. A good food combination makes for easy digestion, greater energy and brighter skin. I began the day with Banana & Pear (& Satsuma end of previous day -post party!). Less is more – choose from a couple of items eg fresh fruit & a fresh fat or even 1 variety eaten alone makes the stomach feel full and replenished. Try blueberries, melon (when warmer) all with lettuce, celery & fennel (when in season) for further weight-loss action.

Fresh Water & healing herbal teas – Chamomile, green, mint, Jasmine, lemon in water. During warmer weather, we must replenish our levels often, with the purest sources possible.

I like to drink a mixture now, of a variety of teas, combined with fresh water, juice, smoothies, coconut water, ‘mocktails’ and nut & seed milks.

Sunshine; well as often as we can get it in the UK – in the mornings this week, I’ve been out to soak up Vitamin D and enjoy the sun as often as possible. Tips – homeworkers, moving the office outside can be a nice way to begin the day & barefoot in the grass. However it’s not always the most plausable or ideal option for us all.

Touch = giving and recieving, in the most harmonious of ways, makes us feel, and feel more human as we’re physiologically and biologically made to enjoy and give, natural (wanted) general or loving touch. Whether at a Tantra festival (as I was yesterday) stroking a strangers brow or in a more intimate embrace; giving and recieving a natural touch is healing on many levels. Recieving a light, gentle stroke across my face or a neck & shoulder massage, makes me feel understood and welcome (in the right circumstances).

Hobbies – spend time in the best way you know how, at that moment. This morning, I browsed round a collection fair and discovered my love for vintage posters, local social history and my old floral & fruit interests re-ignited again 🙂 I purchsed a number of images to show my family and friends and invite their interest into social history in new ways.





Winter Warmer; Bowl of Plenty

January 30, 2014

If 2012-3 was the year for sexy (super) vegan soups, then this is my year for the ‘Winter Warmer Bowl of Plenty’, so named as it has evolved from using the first few ingredients to hand and one pot (plus steamer) for factors of speed and simplicity in after-dinner clearing\washing up.

My Bowls of Plenty are formed by a good combination with a legume and a grain + assorted veg + seasonings = BOP. Ideal for when you don’t want to eat off a plate as there is not a strong structure to the food itself. It suits eating quite simply by fork \ spoon \ chop sticks.

Cookery – is I’ve discovered, a living subject, our choices matter, they affect future wants and demands. I simply can’t face soup this year, unless made by a friend either at home or in a restaurant. Largely I suspect because 12 months ago it was the year that I made soup relentlessly, one by one until I couldn’t make any more (from what I enjoy).  So now, it is the turn for bowls full of whole-foods, in their natural, solid state.

Tonight I made a ‘Shepherdess’  Pie and used Black beans, in place of the Green Lentil, lending this a South American (Brazilian) twist.

Also my top favourites are: Quinoa & butternut + sumac, Quinoa & asparagus + ume plum vinegar, brown rice & kidney beans \ lentils.shep pie base 2 Shep pie 1 Cauli & Asparagus Bowl of plenty quinoa & bean bowl winter shrubs and walnut milkshakes 019

Brecknock Road Vegan Festival in N.W.London

November 6, 2013

On Saturday 9th November, I am filming with the Vegan Society at the Brecknock Rd Vegan Festival in N.W. London, as a Trade Mark holder. There is lots to see, come along to join us!

Full details are here:

Raw Food Cuisine Class – desserts

February 27, 2013

Last night was the final class in the series held at Mimi’s place in NW1; a beautiful bijoux appartment, suitable for our yoga and food prep sessions. 

We practiced Restorative hip-opening yoga positions, supported by blocks. bolsters, heavy beanbags, to make us feel more comfortable, as much as possible. This is Mimi’s philosophy, that we should not feel pain but should feel comfortable. Surprisingly, it is so, sitting on a large bolster or lying with bean-bags by my hips; I feel supported and held. Everyone received the same individual level of attention which she delivers with ease and makes us feel even more awake and focused in our practice, whether lying, seated or feet up the wall (in the case of the participant who had cycled across town for 1.5 hrs to reach there). Floating on air, we finished and went into the kitchen where I had lain our the dessert ingredients, sheets and recipes.

I gave a brief explanation on combining ingredients and dessert principles to make basic and more gourmet desserts, followed by a series of 4 recipes: Carrot Cake Pie, Chocolate Whip, Mint Choc-Chip Ice Cream and Apple and Vanilla Cream.

We found ourselves sharing news of other upcoming classes in London, the ethics of eggs and replacements in recipes when avoiding the cruel practice, equipment – the best for each task and ingredients, local UK foods over imported tropical foods…. we over-ran; how to compress this into 2hrs {Q}….

We made amazing desserts, so light and fresh. 

Glowing participant feedback: 

“It’s so healthy; you have a good conscience” M. 

“The class was very instructive and very enjoyable and was further enhanced with a Yoga Restorative class from Mimi. Theresa is an excellent teacher, an excellent cook and gave a very good introduction tho the world of Raw cooking. ” Alisdair