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International Raw Food Restaurant Directory London book launch

February 11, 2011

The raw restaurant directory is due to be published by the end of February.

On Wednesday evening I attended the book launch party in Richmond and the cover designer gave us a Souvenir Launch Edition; the London section of the directory, which features me 3 times; There is a link to a demonstration I performed at the Streatham Food Fair and links to for raw food pot lucks.  The listing covers raw food eating in general and is more general than restaurants alone, which is a good thing, otherwise it’d be a bit thin on the ground at present …

Most of the others seemed to be publishers’ friends rather than other raw proprietors, other than Jill Swyers and we discussed the new book content.


Woodland running

April 21, 2009

I’ve been for a run around the local park and woods and discovered hoards of hogweed/cow parsley. It’s long stems are a little like celery and in Spring it has little white flowers. The stems are juicy and edible. I’m feeling Reconnected with Earth, provided by her, in eaten some for 15 mins and it’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve run home much faster and my skin is clearer and eyes whiter and brighter.

April 16, 2009

Each day, I pick and collect some plants for lunch. Wild dandelions, with cuc, a carrot, mung beans, a little oil, a pepper and a little tahini.

My Buddha nature is vegan

February 15, 2009

Yoga practice, just practice. To stretch inside and out and almost inside out.

I started my sun salutes and felt my awareness shift to life and committing further to raw.

*Saying yes to raw is a default of saying and feeling a ‘no’ towards denatured food.

*If  you want to support Earth and life of Earth, Say no to denatured foods and yes to fresh, complete, whole food. Gaia, it feels like, is waiting, literally waits for us to take the step, take a risk, to BREATHE and smile. Here all the time. 

On a strictly environmental level, the resources and energy are high for cooking food and growing food to be cooked.  The energy placed in a bag of crisps is so much more than what is gained from them; that and old, old fat and sugar.   

Yoga with Gaia in mind, I am mindful of my body, me, and I balance freely, soles skyward.