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Ultra Athletes Brendan Brazier & Fiona Oaks in London

October 2, 2014

Brendan Brazier Talk at Vantra Vitao Restaurant, Oxford St, London 29.9.14

Fiona Oakes VantraFiona Oakes & Brendan Brazier Vantra 004

Following a successful VegFest day on Sunday, former prof.Iron Man & Ultra Marathon runner Brendan Brazier spoke to a packed restaurant at Vantra Vitao on Monday night. He discussed his athletic performance and what works for him regarding a plant-based (cruelty-free) vegan diet. He spoke for hrs and covered many areas on his experience of how to train and become a 1st class athlete

Meanwhile, we the audience and customers enjoyed a great platter of food either raw or raw & steamed mixed platter; which was SO tasty. Phoung is one of London’s finest Ayurevedic Raw Chefs and Restaurant Owners. His systems know no bounds…

Notes from the talk 

For creating good muscle growth, fast recovery & repair, eat healing Alkaline foods for a reduction in inflammation & greater muscle growth. Inc fresh, unprocessed land & Sea veg. inc dulse, hiziki etc. These mineral rich foods provide skeletal, adrenal and muscular strength.

As opposed to Acidic foods (inc processed) which cause a leach of calcium from bones.

Use a dairy-free milk eg. almond milk with Maca (& Shatavari) powder(s) for protein and added adrenal support during times of worry or stress. 

Adrenal glands & stress

  • Reduce white flour products and eliminate processed foods towards wholefoods to reduce Cortisol production levels.
  • Loud noises, lights etc are Primeval danger signs which our adrenals (glands directly above our kidneys) respond to. We want to feel calm from them, but Cortisol release during these times suppresses our adrenal glands and they need relaxation (& to worry less!)
  • Incude Chia seeds and flax seeds to support with EFA content.
  • Sugar & coffee are stimulants to our adrenal glands, although they work, however, they are acidic and as such cause a mineral leakage. They are best avoided due reduce energy slumps.


When the company Google changed it’s meal times towards all day dinners, there was a noticeable increase in productivity in the workforce. Staff ‘grazed’ and ate more fresh fruit & protein snacks, more frequently during the day, which had a positive effect on energy and alertness.

Taste buds: Sensitivities

Using fresh, unprocessed foods allows our taste buds to detect more sensitively now, since when processed, foods as a result, fewer natural flavours of their own remain. Synthetic, false, flavour enhancers are added to con us and they dull taste buds, to make it difficult to detect the natural flavours.

Efficient and effective Land use

Bill Gates – Beyond meat – veganism is a more efficient source of farming the soil. Animal production is inefficient use of soil and nutrients in the soil. Our soil comes first! GM ruins soil; from mono-cultures.

Iron deficient Anaemia

Where 6 months duration is noticeable in such cases. It may take up to 6 months to reverse and rebuild.

Pumpkin seeds and citrus = protein, fat, fibre and sugar & Iron (Fe).

NASA Intl – space stations on Mars – vegan space meals to go travelling with.

Introduction to Raw and Living Foods. Level 1 Class May-June 2012

April 21, 2012

The Gallery London and I have teamed up to offer a 6 week programme series on creating sustainable, ethical, raw, vegan and quick, healthy foods.

We have a great event planned beginning next month from Monday May 14th  – 25th June at  The Gallery London

132 Hither Green lane, Hither Green, London SE13 6QA. Tel. 07592 341 051

For a group of up to 10 participants, we shall be preparing a different set of dishes each week:

  1. Living foods & Sprouting: equipment, ingredients and methods to grow your own most nutritiously dense foods with a mini indoor garden, for any size kitchen.
  2. Starters: Dips, dressings and sauces
  3. Drinks: Juices, smoothies, dairy-free milks and shakes
  4. Lunches
  5. Main meals
  6. Puddings and Desserts
Hands on tuition plus all these extras:
  • A complete introduction to raw and living foods and wheat-free grains, plus preparation techniques.
  • Make in under 15 mins: simple and gourmet recipes bursting with delicious new tastes and flavours
  • Naturopathic Nutrition and the medicinal properties of Wheat, gluten, lactose-free, soya-free, agave-free and no-added sugar foods and herbs.
  • Make the most of your kitchen space, equipment and ingredient storage
  • Cheap eats: healthy eating on a budget and ingredient sourcing
  • Light, energising Living Foods Meal samples to share together and take away
  • Suitable for all levels and for coeliacs and diabetics.
  • Upon completion of the 6 sessions, participants will receive a Kitchen Buddy Level 1 certificate of attendance.

The many effects of a wheat-free, dairy-free and raw living food diet include: weight loss or regulation, clear, soft and healthy skin (reduce eczema), enhances sport & dance performance and recovery (endurance, stamina and strength) and enlivening energy. Treatments for conditions: Digestive disorders (IBS, constipation, leaky gut, colitis), muscular aches and joint discomfort (arthritis) cancer (holistic support), high blood pressure and cholesterol, female health (menstrual cycle, thyroid, urinary, Candida), depression and fatigue, fertility, pre and post-natal nutrition.

Workshop Programme Prices

6 Weekly Classes £210.00  per person (Individual Class £35.00)

Discount Group Bookings – please contact me for details.

 To make a booking, please ring 07734 166 738 or email

International Raw Food Restaurant Directory London book launch

February 11, 2011

The raw restaurant directory is due to be published by the end of February.

On Wednesday evening I attended the book launch party in Richmond and the cover designer gave us a Souvenir Launch Edition; the London section of the directory, which features me 3 times; There is a link to a demonstration I performed at the Streatham Food Fair and links to for raw food pot lucks.  The listing covers raw food eating in general and is more general than restaurants alone, which is a good thing, otherwise it’d be a bit thin on the ground at present …

Most of the others seemed to be publishers’ friends rather than other raw proprietors, other than Jill Swyers and we discussed the new book content.