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London Permaculture Festival 2014

May 4, 2014

It’s just a couple of months away ’til the 4th Annual London Permaculture Festival. A one day event held at Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London NW1 7AY. Once again, I’m proud to be part of the volunteer publicity team on this special event day.

There will be workshops (intro and advanced), ‘how-to’ sessions, live music, films, a stalls market and a kid’s zone. Find more information at

Tickets: £6 (waged) / £4 (unwaged) on the door

Join people from all over London and beyond to discuss, network and learn about creative solutions for a sustainable, healthy future.

This is a grassroots event, organised entirely by volunteers, if you’d like to help out with program planning, publicity or being part of the crew on the day, please contact Kayode at:

Wake up from Winter! Superfood Smoothie Talk & Demo at NYR Blackheath

April 3, 2014

Last night, owner Alina & I were joined by a group of 8 female customers from Blackheath Neal’s Yard Remedies for our Talk & Demo Workshop on healing through superfoods with 3 individual, special smoothies & desserts.

Each ‘Superfood’ is a versatile ingredient in its own right. Initially, here’s what we can do with them, at home: Add to salads, dressings, soups, cereals, desserts and tonight: drinks.

These are fun to make at home; they’re not too sophisticated (or complicated).

We made a fresh Almond milk as a dairy milk alternative, to add protein and fat to the drinks and which slows down the sugar release during the day.

Stress Support, Adrenal Adaptogen

A base of almond milk, banana and berries with added Viridian Omega Oil for EFAs (a blend of flax, hemp, avocado & evening primrose oils) and Rhodiola Root. A delicious, deep pink\purple drink with a creamy texture. Supports the adrenal glands to support against stress eg. revision, exams, a busy day or evening ahead.

Alkaline & Detox Beauty Cleanser

This uses the same base but with added Soul Food Greens – a blend of Spirulina, Seagreens seaweeds, Wheatgrass & Barley Grass powders, plus Omega Oil. A deep purple\green colour to aid in alkalising and reducing acidic affect of processed food or fruit sugar. This helps to rebalance us towards pH7.5 a more balanced state internally. They reduce heavy metals and provide minerals inc. Iron, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. Alina informed us that this blend (or Spirulina alone) is a useful travel supplement taken on long-haul flights may reduce jet-lag.

Active Energy; Sports & Fitness 

Again, we used the same fruit & nut milk base and then we added additional soaked Gogi berries (in warm water), Chia seeds, Coconut Oil and Baobab powder. This would add Vitamin C for immunity and cell growth, EFAs & energy metabolism, fibre and many minerals inc Calcium and Vitamin K. Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid to support muscular growth & development and sports performance.  This is a pretty coral\pink\red colour drink\dessert. This was the group’s firm favourite; possibly due to the added fat from the coconut, Baobab fibre and bright colour! Coconut Oil is also antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. As such, we shared that it is also useful as a treatment against head lice in children, a treatment against internal parasites and as a make-up remover and moisturiser!

All the smoothies turned out to be thicker due to the frozen state of the mixed berries (but would be thinner with more added juice or water.) They’d also make an excellent dessert, or frozen into ice cream or lollies for children.

When avoiding fruit or bananas, use the superfood powders along with Avocado for chilled soups, with added vegetables (inc. cucumber, celery, kale, herbs etc). We suggest that you could also use other fruit eg mangos, kiwis, orange, peach, plum, plantain or pears instead of bananas.

Participant Feedback from the Talk & Demo:

“I really like the almond milk. It doesn’t taste like dairy (milk) – It doesn’t have that … cloying effect that cow’s milk has, it’s lighter.” Lindsay

“I really enjoyed it”. Rosie

All products may be purchased through NYR.

There will be more talks planned for the coming months.  Shop location here:

Including Raw Chocolate, a sugar-free, locally handmade chocolate that is good for you!

London Permaculture Festival

July 22, 2013

London Permaculture Festival 014 cakes at lpf stall cakes at stall lpf effat2 large cake at lpf stall lpf garden hollyhocksThe 4th Annual London Permaculture Festival was held on 14th July in Camden at the wonderfully old Cecil Sharp House (home to London’s folk music & dance contingent). After 9 months of planning and group action from volunteers, it began with indoor and outdoor activities. Indoors a hall-full of interesting stalls and lots of workshops held in various rooms during the day. The programme featured everything to offer beginners to permaculture (permanent-agriculture) and the transition town movement (eg Brixton, Totnes in Devon) which is the fruit\outcome from this way of life. It is a very peaceful way to relate and connect an activity to people, land and creatures, which ensures that all elements are adhered to and taken into consideration. This practice does no harm towards either 3 elements and often connects them together, for the benefit of all organisms.

Inside the main hall, along with my Kitchen Buddy stall, with Foraging walk and class information, Funky Raw magazine (they sold out) and new ginger, orange & strawberry Truffles, Raw Food directory and cakes (sent over to the main cake stall for visitors there). I displayed the cakes prettily on card stands. The cake stall comprised of a heaving tables-full of wares produced and donated by the stall holders and there was a generous mix of traditional and vegan\gluten-free fare.

Talks were held on all areas of the principles to permaculture and suited beginners and more advanced practices.

Favourite stalls included: Stir Magazine, organic strawberries, Vertical Veg, local growing projects, transition towns, Meadow Orchard and Hodmedods beans & peas, Third Estate Clothing, local crafts & growing communities, books, charities, where the wild things grow, Spiralseed (Graham Burnett), Rainforest Saver and Garden designers.

The Rainforest Saver charity has projects in tropical areas to build sustainable livelihoods with the local indiginous peoples: They were favourite for their pretty, colourful designs on T-shirts with flowers from Honduras. I bought one as I firmly believe in their principles and the couple are like lecturers from the University there. They had a great quiz to test your knowledge on effects of rainforest logging and livelihoods too.

Clothing from Third Estate in Camden is all eco and includes dresses made from wood pulp, upcycled items, organics, florals and those from local producers.

At my stall, I chatted to visitors about foraging, gardening & growing, raw chocolate, carob pod fun with my friend Andrew and met Paz, Julia and a couple of other friends from other places. We went out side for some much needed fresh air, as we’d been indoors for 7 hrs on the hottest day (it felt) so far in the heatwave.

At the end of the day, stalls packed away and seating set out for the music performance from The Formidable Vegetable Sound system. They played a great set (which I previously heard at Glastonbury and for which I was glad, as all I needed to do was sit and later to lie in the shade of a great London Plane tree, relax with my festival of life crew and have Andrew (reflexologist) massage my feet – which was a bit agonising in parts but superb over all. Highly recommended end the a day.  Effat handed us cornflowers and shared from her wild foraged huge bundle of chickweed which I am still making my way through (& keeping fresh with water in the fridge). 5hrs reco-operation under a tree was ideal and even though I forgot that mosquitos are out on balmy nights and don’t like to be sat on… I would do it again. For more music and line-up visit here

If you haven’t previously heard their music (which is likely at present) take a listen to their spoken words and watch cool videos online 🙂

Glastonbury Festival

July 6, 2013

Bernadette & Eddie canapes camping dahl 1 falafel pancake burger fresh curry leaves glasto amy glasto bean stew and quinoa glasto cabbage salad glasto kitchen glasto kitchen1 pancake 2 persephone salad tomcucsalad2I became a volunteer Priestess for a week at the Glastonbury Festival to support Her Temple, Goddess\Priestess space from Kingston and Shakti Sings Choir. My role involved feeding Bernadette’s family & friends\the Goddess\Yoga\Chanting workshop leaders during the week.

On Monday morning, musician Carl Davies, the Choir Saxophonist and drummer from Bob Hillary and the Massive Mellow and I met up at his East London home. We put our camping gear in a big old trunk on top of the car and set off with Mine and Emma (from S.S. Choir). A few hrs later, on the journey down, we passed Stonehenge, which almost seemed to rise up and appearing from out of the motorway into view, a beautiful stone sight. We stopped for a shared picnic lunch at a service station (Brown rice salad, turkish olives, grapes…) and sat at a table beneath pink Rhodedendrons and pine trees.  [In the car park we noticed a car (presumably which had once parked in a disabled bay area) had been ‘tagged’ with graffiti in large letters on the boot: “stupidity is optional disability is not. Keep out of (our) bays”!  Morale: don’t even consider parking in a disabled bay area….

We moved on and several hrs later, arrived at the festival site, rather tired but waiting to set up. Time approx 4pm. We were in the wrong car park – map showed all areas accept where we wanted to go to… so after talking to the wardens, we drove off again to find a closer entrance to our Blue Gate B. half hr later and we found the country lanes leading to a field, where we parked and partly unloaded. We enquired about equipment collection and realised that I’d have to take all my things to the checking in point. However, the bus\transport\buggy going from Worthy Farm end to the site itself where I needed to be, right then, had already gone, so I made the way down the hill and ‘muddy lane’ for half hr, with my luggage. I arrived at Her Temple Goddess domes just after 6pm (by which point, dinner was already due). I put my things down and began to prepare a group meal: Sheperd-less pie (with sweet potatoes which were at another part of the site, so replaced with regular and packet mix at the ready) with lentils and vegetables, to the sound of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, which we all enjoyed.

The area was so packed with tents of different shapes and sizes (white domes for Her Temple), Tee Pees and music tents, that there was no space to pitch my own tent and Goddess workshop leader\Harpist Camille offered a place in her type of bell tent – large enough for space for 3 of us inc Abhijeeta (yogi…). That night, we felt cold, despite of our layers & socks; mental note for more of both the next night.  Prior to sleeping however, we went up to the Tee-Pee field, where all the £1k p\wk residential T-Ps were, resembling a film set; quite surreal to have so many in one place at one time. But the sauna baked us for 20 mins and we showered off in freezing water in the darkness. The view of distant lights, like another town, but not.

Wed and Beatles music played whilst prepping lunch; fresh salads & crackers. Enjoyed a relaxing womb workshop with Abhijeeta & harp & chanting with Camille in the main dome. Dinner: Lentil & Spinach Dahl. Great face painting! For the opening ceremony and during the week, a talented team of artistes painted our faces with stencils in pretty designs. Extra dinner to the artistes: “Sustenance; just 2 mouthfuls and my energy fells revived” (the 1st of many compliments from happy diners).

Wow the opening ceremony! What an eve! Shakti Sings rocked the field of 4,000 revellers, seated on the ground and sang songs of freedom, earth guardianship and love… the songs play through my mind continually … The choir all dressed in red, complete with headdresses and I sat with the band of Bob Hillary and the Massive Mellow to play a shaker during the percussion parts. We sang, danced and chanted our way and the choir mistresses did their stuff brilliantly; susie, sue and sophia all engaging the crowd and enlivening the hillsides. We mingled with the crowds and another band started up; full brass and drummers and kept our risen spirits up. Later the phoenix fire was lit and fireworks spelled out LOVE with a nice display over the stone circle. Angeli & I chanted the rainbow gathering pheonix song: “We are rising up, like a phoenix from the fire, brothers and sisters, spread your wings & fly higher….” My favourite bits… Having my warm green blanket to go inside my sleeping bag (gift from a Buddhafield friend). Wearing a large, warm, pretty scarf; a gift from my sister. Thank you face painters for decorating my face for performances\ceremonies 3 days in a row with beautiful designs.


We were in a great Green Futures field, with good music (Turks Tubans twice, Formidable VSS pre LPF gig and Bob Hillary, SS Choir etc). Late night dancing til 2pm  – early rising for breakfast prep – fruit salads, cereals, bread, crackers etc, followed by Goddess meetings and lunch prep. Xanthe Gresham arrived on Saturday and we made a Chilli supper. Her vibrant storytelling workshop was about Baba Yaba & the Virgin (Mary) from Mexico and we loved to hear about her travels and strange tales. This was about growing up, faith & trust and recognising the generations of woman hood. The story involved audience participation and was enthralling. To delve into her own family, she brought her artifacts from her own grandmother (Mabs) and shared about her life – she’d lived in nearby Sydenham. She handed round photos and a set of knitting needles (size 9) on which to knit a bit in her honour. She handed us cut out paper leaves, on which to write messages to our dead relatives, to make a tree dressing ceremony. We clipped the leaves to a Mary Poppins style umberella and she span it round to confirm our thoughts & wishes.

The Penguin Cafe band played at the Avalon Stage. They played great music, classical folk like with my childhood favourites from Radio 4. They played rousing numbers but the audience stood stock still (must have been used to seeing them at concert halls); I must have been one of 3 dancing. In 5 Rhythms, we’re taught to move, dance and breathe continually, even at the slightest sound, so to stand still was not an option! It was ideal music to dance to but they weren’t having any of it.  2 Penguin Masked women threw free gift things out into the audience, though none came to where I was standing. Backstage, after the show, I met the tall Penguin lady who gave me a handful of red rubber wristbands for free music downloads.

The gardens: There were beautiful garden and planting areas; in the Healing Field particularly, were small areas dedicated to the elements: air, water, fire and earth.  The Earth and Water gardens were so lovely and made me smile at the creativity behind the designs, planting and minature beds, created temporarily for just a week. The bedding plants and shrubs, were all in bloom and bordered by woven tree stems eg like willow, but of a different tree. This divided the areas and made calm spaces in which to sit, lie, relax… The water area had the addition of ponds, created by large colourful (in turquoise) pottery bowls, sunk into the soil and bordered by flowers and a colourful clay\earth mound shape, covered in pink, white and turquoise squares, to make a very peaceful area. It was beautiful to be there; woven trees bordered the area and animal shapes created and filled in with fabric and ribbon; dragon flies on the sides and 2 enormous swans meeting head to head, at the entrance – white wings, orange beaks and deep black eyes. Within this were several other ponds, sculptures more flowers blooming and a small bench to sit at to admire it all.

Further along towards Avalon area, were old wooden palettes cut to resemble flowers, planted with pretty flowers – a flower vertical wall, a living sculpture.

The small container garden section was a shop sharing the ease of gardening in v.small spaces; sprouting seeds, nasturtiums and all sorts of veg were growing out of mini tin cans (like a tin for tuna) which we were given for the kitchen and others grown in large ornamental shoes, bras (plants in the cups!) and any old attractive container, in a glass fronted cupboard and along the shelves. I collected some edible nasturtium flowers and fresh herbs from the objects hanging on the fences.

out with the old and in with the new … you

May 31, 2011

My first private home visit for a while this morning, in North East London.

Her symptoms suggested more raw foods, recipes and Vita Mix meals. Training as a fitness instructor and gravitating towards natural hygiene as a whole with simple combinations and much fresh fruit. Her symptoms were improving after a 3 week change over.

Result outcomes: removed old, unwanted plastic water bottles, removed old produce, fixed the leak in fridge, soaking for sprouting: 2 x lentils, 2 x seeds and flax, made 3 new recipes, shared resources, made a practical purchase list, sampled chocolate orange and discussed yoga plans.

Re-confirms the simple truth of combination with ease and less is more and healing in new ways. Very well done JD!  New Moon affirmations and visions for the future amen.

Later at home: My favourite part of the garden is the view of many roses and within wafting distance of the yellow climbing rose, sat looking up at the pine tree branches crossing the sky. Its aroma on the breeze is enchanting.

Food diary and Spring pot luck London

May 15, 2011

Dinner: 2 floret cauliflower rice with 1/2 red pepper, slice of Taifun tofu, 1/2 baby gem lettuce, 1 chunk of cucumber, curried quinoa with coconut butter.

1 Carrot in sticks, 1 mashed avocado with spinach, 15 black olives, 1 dsp pumpkin seed houmous, 1 handful each of sprouting green and puy lentils, 1/2 yellow pepper.

Museli: hemp seed milk with raisins, mulberries, soaked sunflower seeds, fig and almond mixture, slices of 1/2 banana, 5 chopped brazil nuts and 1/2 slice of watermelon.

Houmous with coriander, lemon, beetroot, red onion, my mum’s spinach and red pepper (with steamed ps and coconut butter & Taifun T).

a.m yoga warriors, half lotuses, bridges.

pm yoga trees, on the grass: lotus, lotus twists and sideward bends with arm stretches, forward bends, boat, straight leg bend. I’d really needed the afternoon movement. Hot bath with lavender …

[olives for lunch snack] 1 chunk of cucumber, 1 Chocolate brownie fairy cake.

Yesterday evening I enjoyed a selection of fresh organic dishes at the Hornbeam Cafe with other pot luckers; biodynamic salad leaves, fermented pumpkin, an arame (seaweed) salad with cauliflower, spices and carrot and 2 types of raw black olives (Turkish Deli, Borough Mkt). Raspberry chia pudding for dessert, spiced halva balls and homemade lacuma raw chocolates. I collected several clusters of Elderflowers and we drank Elderflower water

Sunday 15th.

Muesli as above plus fresh lettuce leaves.

International Raw Food Restaurant Directory London book launch

February 11, 2011

The raw restaurant directory is due to be published by the end of February.

On Wednesday evening I attended the book launch party in Richmond and the cover designer gave us a Souvenir Launch Edition; the London section of the directory, which features me 3 times; There is a link to a demonstration I performed at the Streatham Food Fair and links to for raw food pot lucks.  The listing covers raw food eating in general and is more general than restaurants alone, which is a good thing, otherwise it’d be a bit thin on the ground at present …

Most of the others seemed to be publishers’ friends rather than other raw proprietors, other than Jill Swyers and we discussed the new book content.

World Vegan Day Living Food workshop

November 4, 2009

A day workshop with ‘Alternatives’ in Covent Garden on Sunday 1st November. Winter raw foods.

We made a 3 course raw vegan lunch.

Winter Menu: Tomato & Red Pepper Houmous with my new recipe spiced crackers, Grated winter roots; parsnip, beetroot, swede and pumpkin. Kale and puy lentil salad with Avocado and Seagreens seaweed, Sprouting Quinoa with parsley and hazelnuts. Apple & Vanilla Cinnamon Cream and a Sunflower Seed and Apple Milkshake.