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Lent: Natural Sweeteners on the shelves to substitute as alternatives to sugar

April 2, 2015

It feels poignant to me to write about sugar substitutes at this time, when, I am acutely aware that in under a week’s time it appears that half the population will gorge and double their average weekly Chocolate intake in a single day; Easter Sunday arrives!

However, for the few  of us who have essued the dark stuff since before March (feels almost like 1989…ie a long time!) this is a time for presents in my family, over excessive gifts of sugary sweet confectionary.

We love to Celebrate Easter in my family but since some of them are unwell, diabetic, on medication or simply seeking to not become unwell\overweight etc, we have universally chosen to celebrate rather more demurely, with small Easter gifts to bring great joy instead. I now like my new Easter\Spring shoes and Tea (which I have since becoming less interested in cooked foods, discovered an interest for, later on in life! 😉 )

For those who ‘shouldn’t’ have sugar (inc.most if not all of us…) here is a run down of the chosen alternatives available on the shelves…

  1. Agave – ALERT! I have rarely ever used it as it is a highly refined product (not a ‘nectar!’); v.sweet syrup or powder. I have found it to be a strong stimulant. When I recently asked the Store Manager at Planet Organic in Westbourne Grove, he agreed “it is too much” he stated; “it is simply too much for our system to handle”. Which does he prefer, I enquired {Q} “Date Syrup, Coconut Palm Sugar and Syrup…” He replied
  2. Date Syrup
  3. Sweet Freedom (fruit blend mix) Syrup
  4. Stevia: Syrups and powders (though still processed & refined) pref. natural state ground green leaf. Huhis ndreds of times sweeter than sugar cane or beet. 🙂 My Brighton based colleague grows it in his flat…
  5. Xylitol: Birch Tree sap
  6. Jaggery (conscious foods): I’ve never tried this Indian\Asian sugar but I hear from the followers that it is v.good, with extra vitamins & minerals (so they’d say…)
  7. Coconut Sugar and Nectar \ Syrup: 2 of my all time current favourites: for sweetness and the effect isn’t overly stimulating at all 🙂
  8. My favourite is: Yacon Syrup: I watched these being planted out and sown down out in Monkton Wild Court in Dorset many years ago on a Wild Raw Food Retreat I held over a weekend. These are like the gold of the tuber world! 🙂 Very nice (yet v.expensive in comparison…)

So if you are baking or making sweet creations this weekend (or ever) care to think about the substitutes which can be used instead of the standard sugar, which overly stimulates the pancreas, adrenal glands and overly numbs us as a result (not least robbing us of our vital nutrients).

I am seeking a healthier world view on all these areas, since I quit eating sugar back in 2003 and have rarely eaten it and no chocolate in general since Lent began. I am seeking also to find the best options for alternatives and to utilise them in my own and commercial foods. Less is most definitely, more! 😉

Happy Easter for the Kitchen Buddy friends & crew! 🙂

Superfoods for Super Health Workshop Neals Yard Remedies

March 19, 2014
Here are details about an event I’m running in conjuction with Neal’s Yard Remedies.
For an optimistic approach to life, a botanical approach to stress and sleeping better.
Please circulate or forward to anyone who may be interested to attend.
                                              WAKE UP FROM YOUR WINTER SLUMBER!
Neal’s Yard Remedies in Blackheath and Nutritional Therapist Theresa Webb BA.Dip.NT invite you to a delicious workshop on
                                                  SUPER FOODS FOR SUPER HEALTH
You will find out what they are and how they can make you feel more relaxed, more alive. We will show you how to blend them with Omega oils, herbs,  fruit and veggie juices into delicious smoothies. In no time those healthy drinks could become a part of your daily routine. Why not combat fatigue and stress in a tasty way.
The workshop will take place at Neal’s Yard Remedies At 32 Blackheath village, Blackheath SE3 9SY
on Wednesday the 2nd of April 6.30 pm – 8.30pm
Cost: £10.00
We will offer 20% discount on all NYR products on that evening so it is a great chance to stock up on your favourites.
Booking on 0208 318 66 55

Christmas Special Offer on Healthy Balance Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition

December 11, 2013

Special Offer 20% Off Nutritional Therapy sessions valid during December for January 2014 at Healthwise Therapy Centre, 5 Delacourt Rd, Blackheath, SE3 8XA

FREE 10 mins consultation prior to all appointments.


Appts: Contact reception on 020 8293 1116.. To support weight-loss, skin care, digestive health and more… Inc. Treatment Plan, Food Schedule with Daily Menus and wholefood recipes to make from scratch in under 20 mins.  Address food intolerances and allergies with antioxidant rich foods with healing and anti-ageing effects.


Theresa Webb B.A. Dip NT MBANT

Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach.

Green Salad Wild Food Foraging Walk

May 2, 2013

With enormous thanks extended to the immensely talented Anne-Marie at Lewisham Gardens for her beautiful designs on the food-nature walk posters. Image

Wild Food walk lead by Theresa Webb Dip.Nut mBANT Nutritional Therapist.

Explore and discover wild foods in Hither Green and then learn how to prepare and eat them.

Learn more about the nutritional benefits and medicinal properties of over a dozen local species as well as their uses in soups, teas, salads and skin care.

Book in advance today! (for our organising of lunch people) Prices include lunch: Adults £11.00 Children *FREE*  (eg. a family of four £22.00.)  Call or email Theresa to book your place(s)

Chelsea Fringe details here: