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Raw Chocolatier debut on SKY TV!

March 25, 2015

Florentine hearts

I few weeks ago, a researcher from Islam TV contacted me to attend an interview about my Raw Chocolatier, live on air. How very excited I was! They whisked me off to the studio within a couple of hours and I spoke about the great benefits to sugar-free and dairy-free Raw Chocolate.  Here’s our interview link from the day:

A ray of hope for January ‘Blues’; Case study Treatments & Special Offer

January 26, 2015

Following a ‘Blue’ themed party at a friend’s house on Saturday, to cheer us up from ‘Winter Blues’ l am adding my very own Seasonal speciality; a Special Offer for all those who felt the pinch a week ago, on the unpleasantly titled ‘Blue Monday’, as it was deemed the day which many may have abandoned their health aims & left their New year’s resolutions by the wayside…

This time of year is ideal for beginning our own, personal challenges to conquor and to find some assistance to assist us in these, where necessary.

Recent Case Study: I have spoken to 2 patients in both my Central and South London Clinics, who wish to have just that; support during times of their lives when their health issues are really crying out to be addressed and can be ignored no longer. Both had been prescribed medications through conventional means, though neither had proved effective.

A 1 hr consultation each later and both patients feel satisfied to accept the Naturopathic approach to their Treatment Plans complete with wholesome, easy to follow, individualized recipes sent to them post-session by email.

A new beginning could be just what the doctor ordered & if this is timely & relevant reminder for you, please take advantage of our Special Offer for January 2015.

An initial Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation for 1hr at either my Central or South London Clinic for the price of £64.00 (* 20% saving on standard clinic fees) (90 mins appts by practitioner discretion)

Home Visits from £50.00 (within London)

FREE 15 min consultation available NOW! 

For further details and appointments, please contact the clinics directly, or myself via email or phone (or message me on my blog here)

Friday and Saturday afternoons

Weekdays (Mainly available Wednesday)

Alternatively, visit my main website for all other routes of inquiry.

** Sessions may vary in length and duration, depending upon the individual medical & symptomatic conditions treated and assessed.


This information is for guidance only and is not to replace medical appts or advice. This therapeutic approach is unable by regulation, to claim to treat or lay claims to ‘cure’ any diagnosed or undiagnosed disease or condition.

Theresa Webb BA Dip NT. has enjoyed enabling many patients to experience better health through Naturopathic Nutrition appts for over 6 years and qualified from College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2013. She has attended several clinics and also works from home visits, out of regular clinic hours.

Contact experienced Nutritionist Theresa for a non-obligation FREE 15 min consult now! 

Raw Food Cuisine Class – desserts

February 27, 2013

Last night was the final class in the series held at Mimi’s place in NW1; a beautiful bijoux appartment, suitable for our yoga and food prep sessions. 

We practiced Restorative hip-opening yoga positions, supported by blocks. bolsters, heavy beanbags, to make us feel more comfortable, as much as possible. This is Mimi’s philosophy, that we should not feel pain but should feel comfortable. Surprisingly, it is so, sitting on a large bolster or lying with bean-bags by my hips; I feel supported and held. Everyone received the same individual level of attention which she delivers with ease and makes us feel even more awake and focused in our practice, whether lying, seated or feet up the wall (in the case of the participant who had cycled across town for 1.5 hrs to reach there). Floating on air, we finished and went into the kitchen where I had lain our the dessert ingredients, sheets and recipes.

I gave a brief explanation on combining ingredients and dessert principles to make basic and more gourmet desserts, followed by a series of 4 recipes: Carrot Cake Pie, Chocolate Whip, Mint Choc-Chip Ice Cream and Apple and Vanilla Cream.

We found ourselves sharing news of other upcoming classes in London, the ethics of eggs and replacements in recipes when avoiding the cruel practice, equipment – the best for each task and ingredients, local UK foods over imported tropical foods…. we over-ran; how to compress this into 2hrs {Q}….

We made amazing desserts, so light and fresh. 

Glowing participant feedback: 

“It’s so healthy; you have a good conscience” M. 

“The class was very instructive and very enjoyable and was further enhanced with a Yoga Restorative class from Mimi. Theresa is an excellent teacher, an excellent cook and gave a very good introduction tho the world of Raw cooking. ” Alisdair




out with the old and in with the new … you

May 31, 2011

My first private home visit for a while this morning, in North East London.

Her symptoms suggested more raw foods, recipes and Vita Mix meals. Training as a fitness instructor and gravitating towards natural hygiene as a whole with simple combinations and much fresh fruit. Her symptoms were improving after a 3 week change over.

Result outcomes: removed old, unwanted plastic water bottles, removed old produce, fixed the leak in fridge, soaking for sprouting: 2 x lentils, 2 x seeds and flax, made 3 new recipes, shared resources, made a practical purchase list, sampled chocolate orange and discussed yoga plans.

Re-confirms the simple truth of combination with ease and less is more and healing in new ways. Very well done JD!  New Moon affirmations and visions for the future amen.

Later at home: My favourite part of the garden is the view of many roses and within wafting distance of the yellow climbing rose, sat looking up at the pine tree branches crossing the sky. Its aroma on the breeze is enchanting.