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London Vegan Fair and Kitchen Buddy Nutrition Talks & Demos

August 23, 2014

Here is, a full, complete and updated version (for the 2nd time of writing as the first, perfect draft, ahem, did not appear to publish…)

The night before saw me finishing the hand-dipping of the organic apricots for the packets of Apricot Thins.

There was a hive of activity as stalls set up from everywhere inc Devon, Cornwall as well as local businesses. The Festival takes over the entire building (on 3 levels) and included a wide range of stalls and workshops on all subjects ranging from anarchism, to raw foods, to baby & children’s health.

My stall had a great position in the main hall with enough space and several chairs for people to sit & talk.
James Gorman, Award winning body builder andĀ former Ice Skater and now director or EVOLVE! Campaigns dropped by and told me about his life as a nutritionist and animal rights advocate. An inspirational role model to us all… šŸ™‚ Ā Amazingly, he’s 67 yrs of age but looks at least 10 years younger; he has a very gracious demenour with an inspiring, positive and compassionate approach. Ā It was an absolute delight to meet and chat to him.

The Ginger squares sold out early and customers enjoyed cinnamon and sour cherry, orange, rose and Apricot thins; they received good feedback. Generally, there was so much sugar to be found though, in cakes and other sweets that some customers felt that they were too bitter! šŸ˜‰ I felt flummoxed until someone pointed out the effects of the other stalls there; cake & sweets… health is important too u know

At midday my first session in the programme was a talk on Raw Chocolatier – the benefits of raw, sugar-free chocolate, which generated conversations around cacao types and the impact of raw nutrition, enzymes etc. The audience members (approx 25) enjoyed their Handmade samples of Classic Orange, Ginger chocolate and Apricot Thins tasters, made from 75% Fair-Trade Ecuadorian Cacao and Mediterranean Carob.

Immediately afterwards, followed the second session, with Superfood for Super kids – Smoothies. Dairy-free Almond Milk as a base for 2 fresh smoothie drinks; an energising and uplifting ‘Berry Burst’ and a ‘Cool & Calm’ green vegetable smoothie. We started out with a growing group and the room filled to 40 adults and children, and we looked at the ingredients for our recipes we were to use: Pre-soaked almonds for milk, fruit: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and ground superfood leaf & root powders: passiflora (passion flower), alfalfa, barley grass and I poured 1 dsp flax\linseed oil.

Almond milk is often best made with pre-soaked almonds, in order that they are soft enough to remove the skins from. 2 4 yr olds, a boy & girl started to peel almonds, a few of which slipped a bit and flew around the room to begin with but we gathered the remainder together and each taking it in turns to operate the blender, we made a light frothy milk, followed by the ‘Berry Burst’ with the children taking it in turns to add fresh berries and oil and re blended it up again, to make a fruity smoothie which was very popular.

Finally, the children made a ‘Cool & Calm green vegetable smoothie using a remaining 100 ml Almond Milk, a banana (which we opened up bottom first – in chimpanzee style!) 1\4 cucumber, 4 handfuls of spinach leaves, 1 dsp flax oil and a teaspoon each of passiflora, alfalfa & barley grass powders. The result: a bright green drink which everyone loved, adults & children alike.
Nutrition Notes: Almonds are a rich source of protein, healthy fats and Calcium. Berries are anti-oxidant rich & also in vitamin C. Cucumbers contain cooling properties, sodium and are mostly composed of water, for adequate refreshment and hydration.
Other additions would also be Baobab for energy and Aloe Vera for digestion and skin clearing, healing properties.

During the course of the day, back at the stall, the Festival of Life team handed out fliers (inc Mary, Paz & Chris) Aniel shared a Saf stall in the upper foyer and Tim (from the new Juice Tonic bar) shared that we did not appreciate the alcoholic bar being present and felt it could be nice without it but appreciate that it is appealing to many vegans to have own ferments…

Memorable moments:
After a flying visit around, I enjoyed re-meeting up with Mark from the Third Estate eco clothing & footware shop, Gail & Graham at Braintree clothing, Will from Will’s Shoes, Sophie & Martin -Permaculture gardens in Oxfordshire) Alex Bourke ‘Vegetarian Guide’ with a new upcoming Paris Issue currently in print, an exchange on a new beige SpaRitual nail varnish, more rose and chai nut milks by Helen and the lovely Conscious Cake Caribbean couple! šŸ™‚
A delicious Rainforest Creations wrap for dinner

Thank you to all the lovely, kind voluntary volunteersĀ who took great care of all the customers whilst I was off hosting at my workshops, in my absence:Ā Salim, Mary, Samantha, Chris K, James Gorman, and the lovely Festival photographer, Vicky Alhadeff from Happy Dogs & Cats (behaviourist) for taking many lovely pics during the children’s non-cookery Drink demos. You are all wonderful! šŸ™‚

NEW! Nature’s Pharmacy 6 week Nutrition workshop series

October 18, 2013

Welcome to my blog on the culinary classes where you will find information on course content, previous participant testimonials, photos of the dishes you make in class and your comments are welcome too.

The course dates have been put back to start a few weeks later than currently advertised and are now expected to run from next Monday 4th November.

Advance booking recommended: Please register your place at the Gallery a minimum 3 days prior to the date. This allows us to plan for the appropriate class size.


Limited places; a small venue and intimate group to support & learn from a combined experience.

Foods to keep us warm over the Winter: These fresh, living food recipes, offer a visual feast as well asĀ a delight to the taste buds. We look at organic (and the benefits over pesticide sprays) local, seasonal produce with a focus on Fresh Kale Super Salad, Fruity Roots Tropical Salad, Parsnips & home grown leeks, plus a range of tempting drinks including almond milk, walnut milk and hemp seed milk; all dairy-free and delicious with cereal, fruit or on their own.

No-added sugar desserts: those of us who love our sweets and have a sweet tooth will love our alternative puddings and know how on sugar-types that differ from commercial sugar cane or beet.

Learn how to include a good range of EFAs (without fish oils!), carbohydrates and proteins from plants, to minimize medications (under GP’s supervision) and reverse and reduce common conditions including IBS, psoriasis, arthritis, asthma, hormone balance, cardiovascular concerns.

Learn about the common store-cupboard herbs and spices and their anti-bacterial, anti-septic actions on healing and how to use plants in their medicinal capacities.

Session 1-6. Monday 4th November Ā – Monday 9th DecemberĀ 7.00 – 9.00 p.m.

Lead by local, experienced Nutritional Therapist Theresa Webb Dip.Nut.MBANT

Weekly superfood cards, quick recipes and hand out pack to explore: the role of calcium; where are the sources other than from dairy, where to purchase ingredients, equipment & prepared foods and clothing, the role of raw living foods as a source of energy and healing.

Berry Nice PieTwo-tone Asparagus SoupFreshly pressed Apple, Carrot & Ginger Juice

Free samples, discount vouchers, Funky Raw magazines, Vegetarian London Guides and a set of Kitchen Buddy Tea Towels to all participants registering in advance (see above).


Course x 6 weeks: Ā£210.00 (save Ā£30.00)


Ā£35.00 each if you bring a buddy – share with a couple of friends (save Ā£10.00 as a couple) or

Ā£40.00 per person.

Registration and information: Contact The Gallery LondonĀ

or Theresa Webb

Participant Testimonials

“My heart’s really improved and I’m the correct weight for my height. I used to weigh 12.5 stone but now I’m cutting down and that’s my diet now; it’s not unpleasant. I make a lot of the dishes and eat brown rice now. I used to have to take digestion pills and my digestion has become so good and strong, that I no longer need to take any pills. This way of eating; It’s good for my cycling and it’s much easier to ride now.” Alisdaire [he tells us that he cycles for MILES… practices yoga outdoors and dances weekly]