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Seasonal Beverage: Dairy & Alcohol Free Egg-Nog!

December 23, 2014

smoothie 'egg nog' in glass

I must confess to never having actually ever drunk ‘Egg-Nog’ – a blend of egg, milk and alcohol (I presume…) but I do rather like this alcohol-free version, which is what I’ll be making to drink over the Christmas period and holiday Season.

For those considering giving up or reducing their alcohol over the New Year, this Dairy-Free version is equally, if not more delicious as the original! Plus, it contains ‘Rose-root’ Rhodiola which has the added benefits of calming and de-stressing effects! Find it though a good local natural remedies or herbalist shop.

Ingredients (Organic wherever possible)


1\2 Pt fresh water

1 Banana

1\4 tsp Grated\Ground Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Ginger (to taste)

1\4 Rhodiola Powder (Russian Rose Root)

1\4 tsp Vanilla bean powder or 1\2 bean pod (or 2-5 drops of a natural essence)


1. Soak the Almonds in water overnight or for at least 20 mins minimum; soaking removes enzyme inhibitors surrounding the nut, which makes digestion easier and also allows the skin to be peeled off more easily!

2. Drain away the water and refresh in hot water (to make the skins peel off easier). The skins become easier to rub off; using your thumb and forefinger (and any other way!) press the almond skins to release them and discard. Keep the almonds to one side.

3. Using a blender, add the almond and process together with the fresh water, to make a milk consistency.

4. Keeping the pulp (or strain, if preferred) add all the remaining ingredients into the blender and blend for 60 seconds until creamy, frothy and light.

5. Pour into a glass(es) and serve. 🙂

Nutrition Note: Rhodiola is a pale pink, rose flavoured powder with adaptogenic and calming properties, to calm, soothe, relax and de-stress! Ideal for the holiday season ahead! 🙂

Warm Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas and Healthy and Prospersous New Year 2015 ahead.

Theresa x

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Cleansing with Cleavers: A Fresh Springtime Tonic

March 20, 2014
This morning I went out locally to collect the first batch of fresh, wild Cleavers and Chickweed of 2014.
These are plentiful and will become more so as Spring progresses into Summer.
To make a Springtime Tonic; simmer the sticky-hairy leaves & Cleavers stems in water for 5 mins to make a tea for cleansing out internally.
Supports and assists the Lymphatic system by (ridding of mucus etc) as it is shaped like a chimney-sweep brush! (Doctrine of Signatures).
Chickweed is a lighter textured leaf and more suited to eating directly eg in fresh salads. Chop or tear into small pieces and add into your favourite salad vegetables. Their small white flowers are budding and both plants can be gathered to grow back again shortly, so collect wisely and leave plenty (2\3) to continue to grow.


Top Tips for Lent: Day 6 Cinnamon (natural sustaining sugar levels)

March 10, 2014

Add Cinnamon to breakfasts, fresh fruit, in baking, fresh smoothies and desserts to enhance the natural sweetness of these meals and reduce sugar cravings by balancing blood sugar levels. Try to include it as a flavouring to any of the above and enjoy the medicinal benefits it priovides as it improves blood circulation, stomach digestion and promotes heat and healing in abdomen areas.

Recommeded for diabetics to sustain sugar levels and reduce insulin levels.

It makes an excellent addition when combined to any apple recipes 🙂


Kitchen Buddy Raw Nutrition Class for weight loss and reduce fatigue tonight – North London

February 5, 2013

Lose weight, balance blood-sugar (suitable for diabetics), reduce fatigue with a fresh, living breakfast.

Breakfasts: cereals, juices, smoothies.

Grow our own Buckwheat – recipes, directions and uses.

Nut & Seed milks (Dairy & soya – free)

Tuesday 5th February 7-9pm *FREE* Restorative Yoga Trial session 6.40pm.

£35.00 inc. 4 raw, wholefood recipes, Living Food Breakfast with a refreshing drink, free magazine and coconut preparation demonstration. 

Private Hampstead residence NW1

With Theresa Webb Dip Nut. mBANT and Maryam June Yoga Teacher.

Contact 07734 166 738 or email workshops@kitchenbuddy.euImageImageImage