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A ray of hope for January ‘Blues’; Case study Treatments & Special Offer

January 26, 2015

Following a ‘Blue’ themed party at a friend’s house on Saturday, to cheer us up from ‘Winter Blues’ l am adding my very own Seasonal speciality; a Special Offer for all those who felt the pinch a week ago, on the unpleasantly titled ‘Blue Monday’, as it was deemed the day which many may have abandoned their health aims & left their New year’s resolutions by the wayside…

This time of year is ideal for beginning our own, personal challenges to conquor and to find some assistance to assist us in these, where necessary.

Recent Case Study: I have spoken to 2 patients in both my Central and South London Clinics, who wish to have just that; support during times of their lives when their health issues are really crying out to be addressed and can be ignored no longer. Both had been prescribed medications through conventional means, though neither had proved effective.

A 1 hr consultation each later and both patients feel satisfied to accept the Naturopathic approach to their Treatment Plans complete with wholesome, easy to follow, individualized recipes sent to them post-session by email.

A new beginning could be just what the doctor ordered & if this is timely & relevant reminder for you, please take advantage of our Special Offer for January 2015.

An initial Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation for 1hr at either my Central or South London Clinic for the price of £64.00 (* 20% saving on standard clinic fees) (90 mins appts by practitioner discretion)

Home Visits from £50.00 (within London)

FREE 15 min consultation available NOW! 

For further details and appointments, please contact the clinics directly, or myself via email or phone (or message me on my blog here)

Friday and Saturday afternoons

Weekdays (Mainly available Wednesday)

Alternatively, visit my main website for all other routes of inquiry.

** Sessions may vary in length and duration, depending upon the individual medical & symptomatic conditions treated and assessed.


This information is for guidance only and is not to replace medical appts or advice. This therapeutic approach is unable by regulation, to claim to treat or lay claims to ‘cure’ any diagnosed or undiagnosed disease or condition.

Theresa Webb BA Dip NT. has enjoyed enabling many patients to experience better health through Naturopathic Nutrition appts for over 6 years and qualified from College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2013. She has attended several clinics and also works from home visits, out of regular clinic hours.

Contact experienced Nutritionist Theresa for a non-obligation FREE 15 min consult now! 


Sugar – the highs, lows and benefits from a lifestyle free – from refined white sugar

January 11, 2014

Over Christmas period, we are not alone in how the nation (with some exceptions) indulged in a sugar fest of boxes of chocolates, marzipans and the like; in our household alone, there was ‘treats’ everywhere. This may appear as a bit of harmless fun, but many of us recognise that we feel worse afterwards.

I certainly noticed this when I gave up eating processed sugar (sucrose) over 10 years ago. (I can count on my hands & toes, the occasions I’ve tried it since. This last winter I gave in a bit but am back on the wagon again now, awaiting the cacao-free time of Lent…) I stopped eating sugar for the reason that I had undiagnosed candida and a craving +gut flora imbalanced had caused me to develop a leaky gut and feel severe malaise.

Sugar Types (to reduce and avoid): refined grains and flour eg white bread\pittas, rice, pastry (sweet or salted), pizza dough, pasta, table sugar, couscous.

Signs of excess sugar (overload in physical system)

Conditions: At worst Diabetes, at best Candida (inc.thrush) – a yeast induced fungal infection which feeds on sugar – if it is supplied with a food source and the right conditions, it thrives. Food intolerance, leaky gut…

Why it may become a problem:

Plus a risk factor of developing other conditions as it reduces leukocyte (white blood cells of the immune system) activity by 5 hrs. Most conditions (in my experience and of others’, improved healing time eg faster healing and a reduction of illnesses eg cold, flu and even disease).

Weight-gain. I know of no-one who has not lost weight \ balanced their natural weight through giving up sugar. ie it aids in weight-loss enormously. Weight gain through white sugar is a common side-effect. It plays with the chemicals which affect our appetite and satiety. Sugar contains ’empty nutrients’ ie it gives us no nutrients of its own but in return, takes some of our own vitamin and mineral reserves.

Soft, glowing, clear skin: In addition to higher vitamin and minerals remaining in the body, we enjoy all over better skin tone 🙂 Which may save a small fortune on moisturisers and lotions over the years!

Why this is a bad thing: depression and other mental health concerns have been connected to having a low vitamin and  mineral  reserve. There are many conditions which are prevalent in malnourished conditions, as a result of a lack. Sugar effectively ‘steals’ the beneficial molecules eg. Zinc, Magnesium, B vitamins.

Eating well, healthily with a reduced sugar intake is likely to assist sorting out any concern in the initial stages. It is far harder to tackle underlying concerns when the immune system function is hindered and under functioning. Best to support the immune system by reducing or eliminating refined sugar intake. Even notice the difference after a few days!

due to the acid, inflammatory nature.

To reduce the conditions, here are alternatives:

The alternative is a sugar-free Raw Chocolate, organic and Fair-Trade.