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Seasonal Beverage: Dairy & Alcohol Free Egg-Nog!

December 23, 2014

smoothie 'egg nog' in glass

I must confess to never having actually ever drunk ‘Egg-Nog’ – a blend of egg, milk and alcohol (I presume…) but I do rather like this alcohol-free version, which is what I’ll be making to drink over the Christmas period and holiday Season.

For those considering giving up or reducing their alcohol over the New Year, this Dairy-Free version is equally, if not more delicious as the original! Plus, it contains ‘Rose-root’ Rhodiola which has the added benefits of calming and de-stressing effects! Find it though a good local natural remedies or herbalist shop.

Ingredients (Organic wherever possible)


1\2 Pt fresh water

1 Banana

1\4 tsp Grated\Ground Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Ginger (to taste)

1\4 Rhodiola Powder (Russian Rose Root)

1\4 tsp Vanilla bean powder or 1\2 bean pod (or 2-5 drops of a natural essence)


1. Soak the Almonds in water overnight or for at least 20 mins minimum; soaking removes enzyme inhibitors surrounding the nut, which makes digestion easier and also allows the skin to be peeled off more easily!

2. Drain away the water and refresh in hot water (to make the skins peel off easier). The skins become easier to rub off; using your thumb and forefinger (and any other way!) press the almond skins to release them and discard. Keep the almonds to one side.

3. Using a blender, add the almond and process together with the fresh water, to make a milk consistency.

4. Keeping the pulp (or strain, if preferred) add all the remaining ingredients into the blender and blend for 60 seconds until creamy, frothy and light.

5. Pour into a glass(es) and serve. 🙂

Nutrition Note: Rhodiola is a pale pink, rose flavoured powder with adaptogenic and calming properties, to calm, soothe, relax and de-stress! Ideal for the holiday season ahead! 🙂

Warm Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas and Healthy and Prospersous New Year 2015 ahead.

Theresa x

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Super Smooth Smoothies

October 13, 2014

This afternoon, I went round to visit my neighbours up the street, to thank them for my card (a tad belatedly, but as the saying goes…) and after inquiring after their new grandson, the topic of conversation largely centred around diet, nutrition, vegetarian & vegan foods, natural methods to improve (decrease) eczema, cholesterol levels and diabetes, affordable snacks and proper meals, eating ‘sensibly’ for infants and children (by avoiding the crisps & soft drinks) and how their taste buds change to negatively affect their choices and the  impact it has on their future healthcare needs. Plus shopping visits: how expensive actually is it to eat well and avoid the ‘nasties’ – is it an affordable reality?

Concentration and behaviour in school and at home is affected by their daily dietary intake; are they receiving sufficient Essential Fats are they at  ratio of 2 : 1  for 6 : 3  or higher? The problem it seems, is largely that parents (or non) may inadvertently feel that there is no harm in continual ‘junk’ food use.

Reported in the news tonight: Childhood obesity levels up to 19%, which are largely resulting from and caused by cheap ‘junk’ foods and a sedentary lifestyle. The two are largely responsible for this rise in Western countries in particular, but Also, worryingly now in the Asian population, which traditionally avoided such foods. The generations now find that children are not as healthy as their parent’s or grandparent’s generations. But I digress…

They spoke of their family where a child eats bags of crisps, out of habit, just to prevent his pestering and to ‘keep him quiet’.  How sad that the salty nature of our buds is not satiated in another way…  when I was a child… (we ate crisps once a week, as 7 yrs +, as a ‘treat’ and we shared the bag, between the 4 of us..!) 😉

Anti-aging recipes for youthful skin; that also help to keep you skinny… (it just is…)

Would you like to see more eco recipes on here?

Here’s a Chocolate, Almond & Banana Smoothie (aka my take on a MilkShake) for starters…

Chocolate is good for the brain! It’s official 😉 I always feel better after a raw, dairy-free chocolate  ‘pick-me-up’  in the form of a Chocolate Smoothie, which leads me to thinking just how important our liquids are; blend anything tasty with enough water and hey presto, you’ll find a nice surprise awaits…!

cacao vs cocoa fb photo

What makes a ‘Smoothie? We’d never heard of such a thing, growing up in ’70s, so it’s a recent addition to our vernacular and generally indicates a blended drink with or without the addition of milk. Usually, we’d had a dairy-milk based drink as an essential ingredient but now, thanks to the demand for alternatives we have a plethora of non-animal based drinks at our disposal; either purchasable (just watch out for added ingredients ie avoid sugars 😉 ) in the case of ‘flax seed milk’ which has less than 4%  flax seeds!) or home-made. The home-made varieties are infinitely easier, cheaper and more convenient in the long run as you can add exactly what you please, to make them interesting and flavourful.

I like to use the milk to ‘carry’ other superfood \ herbal medicines ie ground root powders to support the nervous and adrenal systems. (Who wouldn’t, living in London…? 😉 ) These can be an added addition and not a regular part of your meal, if you don’t want to.

Chocolate smoothie shake

Chocolate, Almond & Banana Smoothie


1 small bowl of Almonds (1\2 cup)

1ltr Fresh Water

1 banana

1-2 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder (or cocoa powder if necessary!)

1 tbsp Raw Carob Powder

Optional 1 tsp total Superfood dried root powders: Rhodiola, Shatavari, Ashwaganda, Reishi mushroom etc…

1 cup of fresh, mixed fruit eg. Orange, Pineapple, Strawberries, Melon…


1. Soak the Almonds in water, preferably overnight, for at least 6 hrs to remove the enzyme inhibitors, to make for easier digestion.

2. Shell \skin the almonds; remove their skin by placing them between your thumb, index and middle finger and rubbing until they rub off.  Discard the skins

3. Place the almonds into a blender, using a filter or a regular Vita-Mix \Blendtec or similar high motor blender and mix till a frothy, white, ‘milk’  forms.

4. Remove the filter (if using) and add the remaining ingredients. Blend till smooth and all combined to a frothy shake consistency.

5. For added EFAs inc Omega 3, add 1 dsp each of ground Flax Seeds and whole or ground Chia Seeds.

6. Serve into glasses and add a pretty(preferably non-plastic) straw to complete your complete Protein, Carbohydrate & Essential Fats meal, in a glass!

Wake up from Winter! Superfood Smoothie Talk & Demo at NYR Blackheath

April 3, 2014

Last night, owner Alina & I were joined by a group of 8 female customers from Blackheath Neal’s Yard Remedies for our Talk & Demo Workshop on healing through superfoods with 3 individual, special smoothies & desserts.

Each ‘Superfood’ is a versatile ingredient in its own right. Initially, here’s what we can do with them, at home: Add to salads, dressings, soups, cereals, desserts and tonight: drinks.

These are fun to make at home; they’re not too sophisticated (or complicated).

We made a fresh Almond milk as a dairy milk alternative, to add protein and fat to the drinks and which slows down the sugar release during the day.

Stress Support, Adrenal Adaptogen

A base of almond milk, banana and berries with added Viridian Omega Oil for EFAs (a blend of flax, hemp, avocado & evening primrose oils) and Rhodiola Root. A delicious, deep pink\purple drink with a creamy texture. Supports the adrenal glands to support against stress eg. revision, exams, a busy day or evening ahead.

Alkaline & Detox Beauty Cleanser

This uses the same base but with added Soul Food Greens – a blend of Spirulina, Seagreens seaweeds, Wheatgrass & Barley Grass powders, plus Omega Oil. A deep purple\green colour to aid in alkalising and reducing acidic affect of processed food or fruit sugar. This helps to rebalance us towards pH7.5 a more balanced state internally. They reduce heavy metals and provide minerals inc. Iron, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. Alina informed us that this blend (or Spirulina alone) is a useful travel supplement taken on long-haul flights may reduce jet-lag.

Active Energy; Sports & Fitness 

Again, we used the same fruit & nut milk base and then we added additional soaked Gogi berries (in warm water), Chia seeds, Coconut Oil and Baobab powder. This would add Vitamin C for immunity and cell growth, EFAs & energy metabolism, fibre and many minerals inc Calcium and Vitamin K. Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid to support muscular growth & development and sports performance.  This is a pretty coral\pink\red colour drink\dessert. This was the group’s firm favourite; possibly due to the added fat from the coconut, Baobab fibre and bright colour! Coconut Oil is also antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. As such, we shared that it is also useful as a treatment against head lice in children, a treatment against internal parasites and as a make-up remover and moisturiser!

All the smoothies turned out to be thicker due to the frozen state of the mixed berries (but would be thinner with more added juice or water.) They’d also make an excellent dessert, or frozen into ice cream or lollies for children.

When avoiding fruit or bananas, use the superfood powders along with Avocado for chilled soups, with added vegetables (inc. cucumber, celery, kale, herbs etc). We suggest that you could also use other fruit eg mangos, kiwis, orange, peach, plum, plantain or pears instead of bananas.

Participant Feedback from the Talk & Demo:

“I really like the almond milk. It doesn’t taste like dairy (milk) – It doesn’t have that … cloying effect that cow’s milk has, it’s lighter.” Lindsay

“I really enjoyed it”. Rosie

All products may be purchased through NYR.

There will be more talks planned for the coming months.  Shop location here:

Including Raw Chocolate, a sugar-free, locally handmade chocolate that is good for you!

Foods for the Brain: We love Walnuts!

February 8, 2014

Research carried out at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in America implies that the regular consumption of nuts could reduce a risk of sudden mortality.Over 30 yrs, Dr Charles Fuchs has studied the eating havits of almost 120,000 Americans and the conclusions show that after 3 decades, the risk of any cause of dying was reduced by at least 7%.

The higher the quantity and frequency of nut consumption, the lower their risk. Those who ate nuts once a week performed with a 11% risk; 2-4 x1 oz portions per week lead to a 13% decrease and those who ate at minimum 7 1oz portions per week reduced their overall risk of early death by 20%.  The one ounce portion serving was the equivalent of 30-35 peanuts, 16-18 cashew nuts or 16-24 almonds.

The control was such that everyone involved adhered to the following guidelines: No-one had a history of heart disease, stroke or cancer and each participant’s nut consumption was verified at the beginning and then every 2 – 4 years during the actual study.

I try to follow this example, by adding nuts to my cereals and main courses, as well as eating as snacks. One of my favourite recipes is a fresh nut milk and smoothie combination, which is good for concentration and brain focus.

This recipe focuses on Walnuts, the brain-food super houses. Benefits are:

  • Aid concentration
  • Improve and support Brain Function
  • Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Plus, even their shape resembles a cerebellum (Doctrine of Signatures) – they are shaped like brains in minature!

  • Consume for a brain boost- to study or at work

Serving suggestions: A Smoothie or milk plus carob for a chocolaty version

Walnut & Pumpkin seed Milk

1\2 cup walnuts

1\4 -1\2 cup pumpkin seeds

1pt fresh water

Optional: 1 banana, pear, fresh raspberries, grapes, vanilla, powders of choice eg. chlorella, carob etc.


  1. Blend the nuts and seeds together in a blender with the water until smooth and creamy.
  2. Add the fresh fruit and any other additional powdered foods.

Blend until smooth and creamy.

  • Tip: Soaking the walnuts in water first for 1\2 hr+ softens them and removes the enzyme-inhibitors.

Suitable for adults, children and those to whom fish oil is unsuitable. Walnuts contain rich quantities of EFA Omega 3 fatty acid.



Portsmouth Fair Dairy-free demo

November 19, 2013

Portsmouth Fair

We discussed the many results & benefits to free-from diet\lifestyles; wheat, dairy & sugar – free and why these may be problematic.

Dairy milk is a great substance for baby cows; it’s a calf’s food – a baby food in liquid form, since like all baby mammals, it suckles until it has teeth to chew solid leaves and derive it’s nutrients from leaves (an ideal). Milk – food for a baby mammal and digested by an enzyme which depletes after just 3 yrs (in humans; Lactase), since at this point we are weaned to consume solids. It is no surprise then, in reality, that we have become somewhat intolerant of a substance so widely pertained as a beneficial substance and used commercially throughout the mainstream food agencies. The results of a withdrawal speak for themselves: energy increases, better circulation and reduced cold extremities, immune system strengthens to reduce overall incidences of colds\flu\illness, weight loss (even in feet!), clearer skin… it’s endless.

Wheat tends to be gluey, due to its gluten content which causes other particles to become stuck to it and thus prevent full nutrient absorption. The grain contains opioids to be released when baked, adding to an addictive sensation of slumber. It may also act as a gut lining irritant, thus it sometimes promotes bloating, leaky-gut, a tiredness and malaise. There are many alternatives to chose from in UK alone which may just help to heal your gut lining and subsequent wellbeing.

Sugar in the form of sucrose has a damaging affect not just on teeth but acts as a food to pathogens (inc. Candida Albicans and Cancer cells), when excessively consumed. This in turn decreases the immune system response; lymphocyte white blood cells, unable to perform their actions for up to 5 hrs after consumption. Sugar also creates a response from the insulin to be released to monitor the blood sugar levels, from the Pancreas, which in turn, is a burdening activity. This is a cause of the status leading to diabetes.

Alternatives in the form of fructose, fruit derived sugar, though acidic in quantity (re-teeth enamel) is a natural energy source and has no depletion activity.


Dairy-Free Calcium Sources

November 15, 2013

Alternatives to Dairy-Milk for babies and children.

Research showskale info fb that illness inc. colds and colic may be exacerbated by dairy consumption during breast feeding and in baby foods.

Choose from these plant-based Calcium sources: sesame seeds (ground \ tahini), green leafy veg – Kale, Parsley, Spinach, Chard and Watercress (use lightly), Broccoli, Swede and Buckwheat and Almonds. Prepare fresh Juice (with apple to sweeten) – a little at a time to taste.

Plus, learn how to make Creamy Almond Milk on my YouTube Channel recipe series here:

On Monday night we held a 2hr demo & workshop on Raw Living foods and vegan Calcium sources (non-dairy). Our recipes included fresh Almond Milk and Banana & Carob Milkshake, plus the “best” Kale Salad (Sarah Best Get Fresh! Ed.) and an at home Ice Cream dessert.

Comments from workshop participants

“Tastes better than a McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake; you can tell it’s made from [something good]. I’ve been reminded as what I need to start doing for myself and body in order to grow, heal and evolve into the next chapter of my life. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom so generously and so gently. ” E.O.

“It’s really good ” A.

“The most interesting thing I learnt was about Gluten ‘glue’ and how it affects the digestive system.  My daughter was very impressed and aims to change her diet. She loved the (Birthday) gift of knowledge of eating better and healthier.” J.

For a 10 mins FREE Nutritional Therapy Consultation at the CHAIM Centre visit and (2014). Freelance visits available.