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More Raw in Retail

March 4, 2015

Just noticing that Planet O are now going this way too…

Seasonal Beverage: Dairy & Alcohol Free Egg-Nog!

December 23, 2014

smoothie 'egg nog' in glass

I must confess to never having actually ever drunk ‘Egg-Nog’ – a blend of egg, milk and alcohol (I presume…) but I do rather like this alcohol-free version, which is what I’ll be making to drink over the Christmas period and holiday Season.

For those considering giving up or reducing their alcohol over the New Year, this Dairy-Free version is equally, if not more delicious as the original! Plus, it contains ‘Rose-root’ Rhodiola which has the added benefits of calming and de-stressing effects! Find it though a good local natural remedies or herbalist shop.

Ingredients (Organic wherever possible)


1\2 Pt fresh water

1 Banana

1\4 tsp Grated\Ground Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Ginger (to taste)

1\4 Rhodiola Powder (Russian Rose Root)

1\4 tsp Vanilla bean powder or 1\2 bean pod (or 2-5 drops of a natural essence)


1. Soak the Almonds in water overnight or for at least 20 mins minimum; soaking removes enzyme inhibitors surrounding the nut, which makes digestion easier and also allows the skin to be peeled off more easily!

2. Drain away the water and refresh in hot water (to make the skins peel off easier). The skins become easier to rub off; using your thumb and forefinger (and any other way!) press the almond skins to release them and discard. Keep the almonds to one side.

3. Using a blender, add the almond and process together with the fresh water, to make a milk consistency.

4. Keeping the pulp (or strain, if preferred) add all the remaining ingredients into the blender and blend for 60 seconds until creamy, frothy and light.

5. Pour into a glass(es) and serve. 🙂

Nutrition Note: Rhodiola is a pale pink, rose flavoured powder with adaptogenic and calming properties, to calm, soothe, relax and de-stress! Ideal for the holiday season ahead! 🙂

Warm Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas and Healthy and Prospersous New Year 2015 ahead.

Theresa x

wreath on front door star dec 2

Restaurant & Guide Book Reviews

December 10, 2014

Birthday pic joe and Graham bday meal henri & Andrew

This month’s Funky Raw magazine features my 2 reviews on a Vegetarian Paris Guide (& the local Calabash Pop-Up, previously featured here). It’s a bumper issue!

The mag & food info is on here:

The Guide Books can be purchased here:

An excerpt reads … ‘By the time I’d read half way through, I was feeling a) hungry, from all the delicious looking photos of the dishes in Paris and b) wanting to go on another visit to Paris!

Who would like to go out to visit Paris for a few of these places mentioned?’

Ultra Athletes Brendan Brazier & Fiona Oaks in London

October 2, 2014

Brendan Brazier Talk at Vantra Vitao Restaurant, Oxford St, London 29.9.14

Fiona Oakes VantraFiona Oakes & Brendan Brazier Vantra 004

Following a successful VegFest day on Sunday, former prof.Iron Man & Ultra Marathon runner Brendan Brazier spoke to a packed restaurant at Vantra Vitao on Monday night. He discussed his athletic performance and what works for him regarding a plant-based (cruelty-free) vegan diet. He spoke for hrs and covered many areas on his experience of how to train and become a 1st class athlete

Meanwhile, we the audience and customers enjoyed a great platter of food either raw or raw & steamed mixed platter; which was SO tasty. Phoung is one of London’s finest Ayurevedic Raw Chefs and Restaurant Owners. His systems know no bounds…

Notes from the talk 

For creating good muscle growth, fast recovery & repair, eat healing Alkaline foods for a reduction in inflammation & greater muscle growth. Inc fresh, unprocessed land & Sea veg. inc dulse, hiziki etc. These mineral rich foods provide skeletal, adrenal and muscular strength.

As opposed to Acidic foods (inc processed) which cause a leach of calcium from bones.

Use a dairy-free milk eg. almond milk with Maca (& Shatavari) powder(s) for protein and added adrenal support during times of worry or stress. 

Adrenal glands & stress

  • Reduce white flour products and eliminate processed foods towards wholefoods to reduce Cortisol production levels.
  • Loud noises, lights etc are Primeval danger signs which our adrenals (glands directly above our kidneys) respond to. We want to feel calm from them, but Cortisol release during these times suppresses our adrenal glands and they need relaxation (& to worry less!)
  • Incude Chia seeds and flax seeds to support with EFA content.
  • Sugar & coffee are stimulants to our adrenal glands, although they work, however, they are acidic and as such cause a mineral leakage. They are best avoided due reduce energy slumps.


When the company Google changed it’s meal times towards all day dinners, there was a noticeable increase in productivity in the workforce. Staff ‘grazed’ and ate more fresh fruit & protein snacks, more frequently during the day, which had a positive effect on energy and alertness.

Taste buds: Sensitivities

Using fresh, unprocessed foods allows our taste buds to detect more sensitively now, since when processed, foods as a result, fewer natural flavours of their own remain. Synthetic, false, flavour enhancers are added to con us and they dull taste buds, to make it difficult to detect the natural flavours.

Efficient and effective Land use

Bill Gates – Beyond meat – veganism is a more efficient source of farming the soil. Animal production is inefficient use of soil and nutrients in the soil. Our soil comes first! GM ruins soil; from mono-cultures.

Iron deficient Anaemia

Where 6 months duration is noticeable in such cases. It may take up to 6 months to reverse and rebuild.

Pumpkin seeds and citrus = protein, fat, fibre and sugar & Iron (Fe).

NASA Intl – space stations on Mars – vegan space meals to go travelling with.

London Vegan Fair and Kitchen Buddy Nutrition Talks & Demos

August 23, 2014

Here is, a full, complete and updated version (for the 2nd time of writing as the first, perfect draft, ahem, did not appear to publish…)

The night before saw me finishing the hand-dipping of the organic apricots for the packets of Apricot Thins.

There was a hive of activity as stalls set up from everywhere inc Devon, Cornwall as well as local businesses. The Festival takes over the entire building (on 3 levels) and included a wide range of stalls and workshops on all subjects ranging from anarchism, to raw foods, to baby & children’s health.

My stall had a great position in the main hall with enough space and several chairs for people to sit & talk.
James Gorman, Award winning body builder and former Ice Skater and now director or EVOLVE! Campaigns dropped by and told me about his life as a nutritionist and animal rights advocate. An inspirational role model to us all… 🙂  Amazingly, he’s 67 yrs of age but looks at least 10 years younger; he has a very gracious demenour with an inspiring, positive and compassionate approach.  It was an absolute delight to meet and chat to him.

The Ginger squares sold out early and customers enjoyed cinnamon and sour cherry, orange, rose and Apricot thins; they received good feedback. Generally, there was so much sugar to be found though, in cakes and other sweets that some customers felt that they were too bitter! 😉 I felt flummoxed until someone pointed out the effects of the other stalls there; cake & sweets… health is important too u know

At midday my first session in the programme was a talk on Raw Chocolatier – the benefits of raw, sugar-free chocolate, which generated conversations around cacao types and the impact of raw nutrition, enzymes etc. The audience members (approx 25) enjoyed their Handmade samples of Classic Orange, Ginger chocolate and Apricot Thins tasters, made from 75% Fair-Trade Ecuadorian Cacao and Mediterranean Carob.

Immediately afterwards, followed the second session, with Superfood for Super kids – Smoothies. Dairy-free Almond Milk as a base for 2 fresh smoothie drinks; an energising and uplifting ‘Berry Burst’ and a ‘Cool & Calm’ green vegetable smoothie. We started out with a growing group and the room filled to 40 adults and children, and we looked at the ingredients for our recipes we were to use: Pre-soaked almonds for milk, fruit: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and ground superfood leaf & root powders: passiflora (passion flower), alfalfa, barley grass and I poured 1 dsp flax\linseed oil.

Almond milk is often best made with pre-soaked almonds, in order that they are soft enough to remove the skins from. 2 4 yr olds, a boy & girl started to peel almonds, a few of which slipped a bit and flew around the room to begin with but we gathered the remainder together and each taking it in turns to operate the blender, we made a light frothy milk, followed by the ‘Berry Burst’ with the children taking it in turns to add fresh berries and oil and re blended it up again, to make a fruity smoothie which was very popular.

Finally, the children made a ‘Cool & Calm green vegetable smoothie using a remaining 100 ml Almond Milk, a banana (which we opened up bottom first – in chimpanzee style!) 1\4 cucumber, 4 handfuls of spinach leaves, 1 dsp flax oil and a teaspoon each of passiflora, alfalfa & barley grass powders. The result: a bright green drink which everyone loved, adults & children alike.
Nutrition Notes: Almonds are a rich source of protein, healthy fats and Calcium. Berries are anti-oxidant rich & also in vitamin C. Cucumbers contain cooling properties, sodium and are mostly composed of water, for adequate refreshment and hydration.
Other additions would also be Baobab for energy and Aloe Vera for digestion and skin clearing, healing properties.

During the course of the day, back at the stall, the Festival of Life team handed out fliers (inc Mary, Paz & Chris) Aniel shared a Saf stall in the upper foyer and Tim (from the new Juice Tonic bar) shared that we did not appreciate the alcoholic bar being present and felt it could be nice without it but appreciate that it is appealing to many vegans to have own ferments…

Memorable moments:
After a flying visit around, I enjoyed re-meeting up with Mark from the Third Estate eco clothing & footware shop, Gail & Graham at Braintree clothing, Will from Will’s Shoes, Sophie & Martin -Permaculture gardens in Oxfordshire) Alex Bourke ‘Vegetarian Guide’ with a new upcoming Paris Issue currently in print, an exchange on a new beige SpaRitual nail varnish, more rose and chai nut milks by Helen and the lovely Conscious Cake Caribbean couple! 🙂
A delicious Rainforest Creations wrap for dinner

Thank you to all the lovely, kind voluntary volunteers who took great care of all the customers whilst I was off hosting at my workshops, in my absence: Salim, Mary, Samantha, Chris K, James Gorman, and the lovely Festival photographer, Vicky Alhadeff from Happy Dogs & Cats (behaviourist) for taking many lovely pics during the children’s non-cookery Drink demos. You are all wonderful! 🙂

out with the old and in with the new … you

May 31, 2011

My first private home visit for a while this morning, in North East London.

Her symptoms suggested more raw foods, recipes and Vita Mix meals. Training as a fitness instructor and gravitating towards natural hygiene as a whole with simple combinations and much fresh fruit. Her symptoms were improving after a 3 week change over.

Result outcomes: removed old, unwanted plastic water bottles, removed old produce, fixed the leak in fridge, soaking for sprouting: 2 x lentils, 2 x seeds and flax, made 3 new recipes, shared resources, made a practical purchase list, sampled chocolate orange and discussed yoga plans.

Re-confirms the simple truth of combination with ease and less is more and healing in new ways. Very well done JD!  New Moon affirmations and visions for the future amen.

Later at home: My favourite part of the garden is the view of many roses and within wafting distance of the yellow climbing rose, sat looking up at the pine tree branches crossing the sky. Its aroma on the breeze is enchanting.

choosing raw 100%. A decision we’ve always been asked to make. Powerful

June 2, 2009

Being 100% raw is so powerful.
Faithful. Faithfully in agreement with the rest of the planet, to unite ourselves with all other species. Not differentiate.
It feels immensly powerful a decision, one which we’ve always been asked to make. Just to be. To reject all other less than substances, rejecting baked, fried, boiled. For myself, this is how I will be. This is who I am, how I am, automatically before any other things came along. Before crisps or rice, I ate strawberries! Lots, of strawberries! Faithful in gratitude and praise for healing and happiness.
Choosing to go forwards, choosing not to go back.