Clinic patients with eating disorders

August 20, 2016

This week, it became apparent to me that since returning from the camping festival at Gaunts that at my Nutritional Therapist clinic has received no less than 3 requests for support with eating disorders.

Maybe there’s a link, maybe it’s the full moon, mid-Summer \ August that allows us to ‘wake-up’ and seek help in this way at precisely the same time of year.

My first client this week showed how emotionally linked, with family concerns, psychological responses to childhood; there are many reasons as to why an eating disorder develops.

That evening, as I watched the film, ‘The Breakfast Club’ from 1980’s, about a group of disaffected high-school students\teenagers, each with their own problems, linked to their family lives, I observed at least one character with an eating disorder \ sugar addiction. There was a line which stood out by Emilo Estevez which implied that all of us have some ‘issues’ with our parents or their parenting styles and it reminded me of the conversation held earlier in confidence, in my clinic, where a desperate young woman confessed and shared times from her childhood which were so distressing, that the time flew by and by the time we’d ascertained her initial treatment plan, 3 hrs had passed since our original start time.

Now it highlights a situation known as ‘Insulin resistance’ where an individual no longer experiences an ‘off-switch’ for hunger and the body thinks that it is still hungry, so the individual continues to eat (predisposing them to diabetes and obesity) This is biologically part of the problem, in addition to motivation and will power, the excess sugar ingested from over-eating or severe binging.  Dr Gabriel Cousens, M.D. describes this further in his documentary ‘Raw for 40 days’ reversing (Type II) Diabetes.

To begin with acknowledging that this person is not simply ‘lazy’ or ‘unmotivated’ but hasn’t the same biological function as someone without a compulsion to eat or ‘stuff-themselves’. I say this in the knowledge that it is perceived in this light on occasion, when in fact, the internal insulin receptor sites are functioning differently in this instance and the individual remains hungry, even after consuming a large meal. They had inadvertently altered their insulin resistance so that their body no longer recognises the insulin flooding around in their system and they gain excess weight.

A Naturopathic Treatment plan includes daily health practices, herbs, dietary advice & equipment recommendations plus exercise and fresh air activities to encourage and motivate our clients. This, in turn with repeat sessions, aims to reduce their weight naturally for a few months until the patient feels sufficiently successful to continue alone, with a positive and healthier relationship to their own body and lifestyle.





The Green & Juicy Cafe @Gaunts House Summer Gathering

August 19, 2016

It was so lovely to go back to Gaunts House again; set in acres of gorgeous Dorset countryside it is one of the most beautiful estates to work and enjoy a festival with friends old & new.

Thanks to our awesome team lead by Muriel & Eddie, with Lulu, Marisa & Delilah, her daughter who trained in wheat-grass production, aged 9.

Friends joined me for the day or the weekend which was delightful and we enjoyed a very busy few days out on the land; all women on the whole setting up and running the show … we delighted our customers with a varied menu including wild dandelion root ‘coffee’, smoothies, juices, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate torte, millionaire shortbread, a selection of pickles\sauerkraut, sunflower & pea shoots with different salads, bread\crackers, dips and dressings, daily. These were all prepared freshly and in the dehydrators & using a ‘Thermomix’ blender\processor! 🙂

I’d found an old\disused wooden cable reel in a field (which looks like a giant cotton reel) which I realised, when placed on its end, would make a very useful dining table; an interior design project was begun, using great fabric offcuts & samples that I’d previously found at a haberdashers in Poole, we set about transforming the ‘table’ in front of the stall & placed a parasol in the centre; hey-presto! A superb upcycled cafe table was born, complete with a beautiful tree log seat and a hay- bale with cushion as another. Our table was an instant hit as the surface provided much needed preparation and demonstration space to decorate cakes and to spiralise yellow courgettes for supper & the parasol provided some much needed shade… Our little vegan cafe drew much attention from all the customers and despite long hours in the relentless heat, we were successful overall. 🙂

gaunts '16 debs


Foraging events this Summer

August 19, 2016

Once again, this year I am privileged to have been invited to lead walks at several of the greatest festivals and events in the UK including Buddhafield & RawFestUK recently and these upcoming festivals:

Into The Wild – August Bank Holiday weekend 28th – 31st August 2016 in the Wise Owl Woodland area 9.30 – 11 am and Q&A with all foragers 1-2.30pm.

Buddhafield Green Earth Gathering – 14th-18th September, Permaculture area on 15th, 16th & 17th September.

Plus Edward of @EthiVegan & I are also planning to film a mini-series this Summer-Autumn based on Seasonal foods & foraging. Here is a short clip of us filmed in Russel Square Park, London. Next stop: Jam making: Berry & Plum picking!

November 29, 2015

Heading out to the Olive Harvest in Spain involved a 3 day trip across the country, taking in the wonderful views of … the motorways, forests & hillsides countryside 🙂

I was invited out to visit the Catalonian land of South London Permaculture leader, Merlyn Peter at the end of October-November. We spent the first night on board a boat – the Bilbao crossing on a Brittany Ferry which was fortunately a very calm and enjoyable crossing; made more fun by the onboard entertainment – live music by Jamie Lee Harrison (an X factor participant!) and also a Spanish lesson, in ordering food & drinks etc by a French crew team member, which was fairly OK other than that unless I had piped up about ordering a fruit juice, I wouldn’t have theoretically been able to order anything to eat or to drink, as it was all mainly meat & alcohol related…  😦 (what’s the matter with these continentals & their approach…)

Later, we found ourselves on deck; I practiced some Yoga whilst gazing whistfully out to sea a la Titanic, making friends with the bar crew in the process (who also enjoy it too) I did wonder why they gave me an odd look!

From there, we disembarked at Biboa and were greeted by clear blue skies & sunshine 🙂 A holiday, at last! Then we sadly broke down; the Austin Allegra, complete with 2 lawnmowers strapped to the roof & a contents including several kilos of orchard apples from UK, came to an abrupt halt just outside the port… while M.P.  fixed the car, I admired the natural flora & fauna that surrounded us… a pretty pink, star-shaped flower and a shrubs with glowing green leaves, streaked by sunlight. I looked up as what appeared to be some kind of fresh plant flew up, through the air, then it landed and I saw that it was in fact a Preying Mantis, which flew over to rest nearby; its limbs all green and shaped like blades of grass – so camoflaged it would be in normal circumstances. However it had become a bit stuck & its wing did not seem to work properly. We stood, admiring one annother, the Mantis looking up like a little alien being, on my hand and, it flew off again (before I could take its picture…)

We drove through mountanous regions, then followed along further flat, rocky routes, to find a stop-off point for dinner along the way. Meanwhile snacking on light bites and plenty of apples… we stopped once or twice to ask for directions from quintissential Spanish figures; an older gentleman puffing on his cigar … and later met an opera society in rehearsal, as they sang in a local museum; converted old barn & bar. It was a beautiful building and was the first of many old traditional places that we would discover.

The first night we met his family; an uncle & aunt kindly offered us to see us & to stay the night in their beautiful home with mini-apple orchard in the garden. So we collected even more apples, to take over to M.P’s parents in Catalonia… by this point we were snacking on apples & chocolate with nice meals in between, which I’d made prior to our departure, plus some crackers…

Next we headed in the direction of Cambrilles to see his friend Piti, who invited us to join him as guests in his new Yoga Class, held at an exquisite customised house\Yoga centre place; all full of beautiful decor & inspirational quotes and images for peaceful practice. We enjoyed a relaxing but strenuous workout in Sun Salutation poses, plus a bridge and shoulder stand; speaking Spanish instructions, all the while. I left feeling elated; I’d stretched  far more than is usual but even so, it was an entirely tranquil and left us in a serene feeling (though even I ached for days afterwards..; it was all those downward dogs & lifting suitcases, I swear..)

This left us both in high spirits and we drove off towards Zaragoza, a city with a beautiful cultural heritage including a superb cathedral and churches galore, plus a beautiful enclosed market, similar to that in Covent Garden. We walked around the city, taking in the sights and enjoying the mild hustle at the time of day. We got a lunch snack and spent time wandering through the outskirts of the town, prior to eating our lunch in a national park space.


Tales from the Glastonbury Festival 2015: Permaculture support for the young Greens

July 2, 2015

…which could almost also be entitled as ‘Tales of the City’ (After Armistead Maupin’s Tales) since it was discovered this week that the entire festival site fits snugly over the map of Brighton; a city! Which explains in part why my legs felt a tad tired afterwards; since I must have clocked up an average 10 miles per day minimum & approx 70 miles during the week. aka 3 marathons… If you’re not feeling fit before you go out there (which should be a pre-requisite, I feel), then you are when you get back! 😉

This week I went to the festival I made my old list fresh for the field, of what to pack, since I was travelling on foot & transport (train) was limited to what I could take. It has now been updated with additional items to include fairy lights, batteries (both torches x 2 broke..) I’d recommend packing a selection of items for festivals such as this (to follow).

For those unused to hearing about it, this is the world’s largest music & performing arts festival, which means that anything goes, really! It is a massive-scale combination of educational theme-park activities, several music stadiums and dozens of smaller venues, stalls, shows, circus big top and it covers the volume of an area the size of Brighton ie an entire city… which explains why my legs have felt *slightly* tired since my return. Crossing the fields each day was a round trip of anything from 10-15 miles on the uneven, countryside grassy & sometimes highly muddy fields! 😉

My line-up wish list included: George Ezra, Lionel Richie, Fatboy Slim, The Proclaimers, The Waterboys and a rumor that the Dalai Lama would speak, somewhere, during the 5 days.

I went out for a week Monday-Monday to assist with the ‘Young Greens’ the cream-of-the-crop of Green Party younger members. The aim was to assist in managing their clear-up programme for the fields (have you seen the news?) The annual clear-up bill for the fields (the area of Brighton, remember) in 2014 was approaching £750,000. That’s almost £1.million on cleaning up – what a waste! 😦 My role was in providing Permaculture support with my friend Lola at one of the 6 ‘village greens’   Wat

However it was all worth it as the latest report shows that this year, the waste volume was down considerably “Less waste that over the last 5 years…” A result! 🙂 

Highlights to come… A visit by Natalie Bennett – we cleared up camp in advance of the rain; it was all hands on deck as the YGs and I transformed the kitchen & tent ‘larder’ (storage) areas into a weather-proof area. NB approved, meanwhile I’d lef camp to travel to the shower and an hr later, having met in deep discussion with some delightful folks at ‘Pants to Poverty, was also caught out in a shower of another kind,  a rain deluge, which stopped play in the green futures field immediately as everyone dove for cover. Fortunately, I hid out next door with the Legs 4 Africa T-shirt appeal charity, who kindly offered me a slice of their fresh watermelon. Yum! A nice karmic turnaround. Not 3 days earlier, I had given out free glasses of Elderflower cordial (freshly pressed) & now likewise I graciously accepted the refreshing fruit. 🙂 Meanwhile, NB gave our campsites the thumbs up 🙂

Our favourite clear-up slogans from the field:

1. ‘Glitter not Litter’! We ❤ The Magaphone Man aka Adam ‘Amster, who strode around camp delivering great ditties to keep us amused throughout the week…

2. “How much fun are you having? Expressed as a percentage..?!” This was Adam’s ongoing question to anyone in the nearest vicinity, which had a response of 74% on the Thursday, which was met with derision, so by the penultimate day it had risen significantly up to 283% …

3. “Has anyone a birthday?” What can you say?! Everyone has a birthday…! 😉

Then there is the bus, not just any bus, but … its

All about the Bendy Bus; which we created out of bendy foam materials on the first few days to take people to and fro, from the site, collecting rubbish, handing out bin liners and generally exchanging rides for a bag collection of rubbish… I spent my first few hrs onsite, tying ‘tassels’ onto the sides of the ‘bus’ canopy to make it look further bus like & attractive (it’s hard to describe but just imagine a 7 yr olds greatest outdoor toy; something like this.) All credit to Adam and Emma Willow for their incredible creation! 🙂

Friday night and I went out on a Walkabout down to the East side, the highlight of which was stopping off at the Latin Bar, to do a spot of Salsa dancing and meeting Michael Eavis, himself, in the audience! Must have been approx 5 paces away, having photos with audience members, so I stood back and let them go, cos it doesn’t do to make a scene 😉

Sunday, I awoke at the sound of “he’s on at the Stone Circle, in 15 minutes!” I’d like to say that I’d sat up, bolt upright at 90 degrees and proceeded to hurry. What actually happened was that I rolled over, lay on my back staring up at the roof of my tent and wished for all the days that I had gone to bed anytime prior to 5am, that day and I slowly came to, dressed, pulled on wellies (it was raining..) and headed out to join the masses heading out towards the sacred site. My friend called out ” off to see her spiritual leader!” To which I retorted, “he’s not my spiritual leader; he’s everybody’s!” Down the pathway, somewhat sticky with wet mud and I could hear someone mutter “they’re running!” “Of course I’m running” I thought,  His Holiness the 8th Dalai Lama, is ‘on stage, now!’ 😉

So I stood in the rain and felt most inspired and delighted to be able to peak through the bodies & heads ahead of me in the crowds, through the gaps, I could just make out his Holiness’s head; that was good enough for me. I stayed put and stood up on tip toes, in my muddy wellies.

Lionel Richie’s performance of a lifetime.

All washed down with refreshing Elderflower water (of course!)

When other campers arrived, as well as encouraging them to set-up around the village greens in concentric circles, we also helped out and assisted those setting up; handing out refreshments – tea anyone.. or fresh Elderflower cordial?! To our amazement it greatly increased our compliance to maintaining area standards, so all our areas were pretty well free-from litter.   My younger neighbours had arrived enjoying themselves and set up by the nearest pathway, so I went over to introduce myself and explained about the set-up; they were delighted and despite getting sunburn (I went around to find them after-sun & generally look after them a bit) they went on the win the whole area prize for the neatest, clearest campsite area! Whoop! Hooray! 🙂 They even made a sort-of-sculpture out of tin cans (used) in the shape of a bus stop by the pathway, which impressed the bus driver (Adam) immensely.  This all proved the point of engagement for encouraging a compliance in a clearer landscape & maintaining the pathways we’d set up.

Market Stall Review: Organic Livity Vegan & Raw Food

June 16, 2015

I was delighted to be invited by my good raw chef friends Sidney & Kristelle to sample and review some of their finest cakes and desserts from the Organic Livity Stall at the Boiler House Market which is a newer market in Brick Lane, East London (nr Truman Brewery).  This is one of my favourite little haunts as it reminds me of my time as a raw food stall assistant at Spitalifields’ and nearby Upmarket 6 yrs ago. Sidney explains: His principle is simple; his creations reflect nature; his customers don’t even know this but see the colour of the dishes and then taste them and only then will they understand the goodness. He uses fresh Irish Moss instead of gelatine, for his Raspberry Jelly. He likes to play with natural ingredients & has a passion for experimentation  – the weekend is the best place to display and develop his new developments. It was an event to look forward to, to go back to investigate the area again on the demand of the latest and delightful raw food gourmet offerings from Sidney & Kristelle. I felt compelled to first review their foods in September 2014, when, they catered for my 40th birthday celebration at the Calabash of Culture group of friends.  Sidney presented a range of raw delights for us at a restaurant\cafe evening. Since then, they’ve moved on to develop their business and passions further (as is often the case in raw related ventures) by having a constant weekly presence at the Boiler House Market , just down the road from the Truman Brewery, on Brick Lane, in East London. The food is all gourmet; raw and vegan and all beautifully presented…  all the cakes and desserts looked lovely; they are quite a different style of cake to anything else I’d tried but produced with  utter integrity for their belief in nutritious food, coupled with an approach of intellect; to have a purpose and display the right side of the world through the medium of cuisine. His Childhood was full of memories of bananas & sugar cane; his father is a farmer and his mum a chef (so he’s had a head start!) His own background is in renewable energy (wind etc) and he went to Paris University to study. Sidney started catering at home in Jamaica & Guyana and absorbed the Caribbean culture. He now uses different varieties of exotic fruits from Martinique and the Virgin Islands as sweeteners and imports special Vanilla Pods, Acai & Maca From Bolivia and Moringa from Ethiopia. He also serves Fresh Coconuts from the stall. Now, his commonly held dream is to own and farm his own land… Sidney, is a passionate and dedicated head chef with a keen eye for excellent presentation while Kristelle manages the admin & paperwork side of the business. She also send me my invite, whilst Sidney is busying away in the kitchen, preparing more exciting new delicacies. Each of the cakes is designed with a specific theme or concept in mind and Sidney is exploring new recipes and ways to make his creations work. My favourite by far, was the Chocolate (Aphrodisiac) Tarte, no surprise here! Which would make an ideal centrepiece and held itself together excellently too. The ‘King David’s Kingdom’ is a stripy cake made up of a vibrant combination of cream, green & pink stripes. It is named after King David, for its beauty and richness, Sidney tells me. With a blend of pistachios and cocoa butter; it has a similar taste and flavour of marzipan. His cakes are always full of surprises! “Always give a surprise, he says: all the cakes are like that; they have a surprise inside!” J The ‘Olmec’ Coffee Cake is a treat to behold; Sidney had wanted to create a testimony to one of the oldest tribes in Caribbean \South America. He explained that they were a people prior to the Arawak (Indians), Incas & Mayans who crafted their designs from stone. Inspired by this, Sidney designed a a dome in the centre of the cake which contains Chia seeds, to give the impression of stone with the cream marzipan style filling. It is a delight to listen to his enthusiasm for his craft, so conscientious in his approach. Where does he derive his inspiration from?  He doesn’t watch TV but rather gains some of his inspiration from watching TV online. His hope is that he gives ‘a little sunshine’ to all who visit his stall, he says; rather than a Jacket Potato (which has no life…) A very profound pronouncement! His generosity towards others also extends towards those who may be physically unable to get to his market stall, as he also donates cakes freely, to a Cancer charity (which is a far better option for them, than any other style of cakes). He is currently attached to the Bonnington Cafe at Vauxhaul, with plans to run Gluten-Free (raw & vegan) nights starting from 4th May.

Seasonal Flowers to eat this Spring

May 23, 2015

It’s that time of year when the gardens, alleys and riverside ways are just bursting with new growth and much of it, it seems, is all edible to us 🙂 I went to Manor Park recently to collect Wild Garlic (Ramsons, in fact) and tasted the first Jack-by-the-Hedge flowers of the season.

The humble Jack-by-the-hedge plant grows tall-ish, up to approx 1-4ft tall. It grown near the river side, in woodland areas and I’ve found it growing happily, year on year, in row in my back garden again this year. 🙂

It has a straight central stem from which leaves & shoots grow out, lime green coloured, heart shaped leaves; quite flexible, thin and maliable in texture. They are edible and taste a little like a mustard; strong and peppery in flavour.

Their flowers too, are stronger in flavour; white, dainty little clusters. Smaller than the common Cow Parsley.  So maybe it’s a little overlooked, as I couldn’t eat a lot of this in one go, but it makes a nice addition to a mixed leaf salad. The flowers make a nice decoration too.

Eating and tasting the peppery flower makes me instantly ‘grounded’ centred into the area in which I am; where I am at. As I tasted the little white flower and placed it into my mouth, Instantly I became felt much more aware of my surrounding; the gurgling of the river less than a metre away, was very clear and the birdsong from blackbirds and tits, far louder.

This experience indicates to us all, that eating from a wild, local herb (plant) is quite a dramatic experience. It takes us totally into the present as it is just plucked and also, plots the co-ordinates of us upon the Earth.

“Here I am. I am here”; It’s like saying. Of all the places in the Universe; I am exactly, precisely HERE, at this moment.

I realise that this is due to the nature of our growing and import\export of our produce. Where there is a product made from processed ingredients from more than one country, the body (our body) has no knowledge of where it all came from. It is simply, just an item, of sorts that was consumed. Whereas, to eat a flower, from a wild growing plant contains all the information from that local soil.

If our beans are grown & sourced from Guatamala, Rice from China, Fruit from Spain & other veg from Africa at different parts of the year, how then are our bodies allowed to be capable of discerning where, on earth, we are?!

It just occurs to me that this is something very special, to treasure, rather than to eat processed items which have travelled around the globe to reach us, to enjoy, wherever possible those fresh produce items which are grown locally to us, in the soil, most close and nearest to us.

I may not grow all the kitchen garden items I’d wish to at present but I can and extol others to enjoy these simple, local foods and medicines which are growing on our doorsteps practically. The benefits of this is so simple and structured; to stand next to the plant that we pick and eat from, wherever we are and to share in the sight of that soil is something that makes me smile!

Ramesons Wild garlic Manor Pk Ramsons (similar to Wild Garlic)

forage walk group yarrow on park embankment  Walkers collecting herbs on my local foraging & nature walk last year.

Wild garlic: food for foragers

May 13, 2015

To make a seasonal, wild version of Pesto; use Wild Garlic in the place of traditional Basil!

Failing that, Ramsons (below) work equally well & are equally delicious, with a pleasant fresh onion \ chive flavour 🙂

Ramesons Wild garlic Manor Pk
Happy Foraging!

View my short 5 min film of preparing a fresh basil Pesto Dressing:

‘Let your hands do the talking’: A Creative Weekend of a Drumming Circle & Performance and Art – intuitive painting :)’let

April 11, 2015

Tonight! the Extended Drum Jam at the Brix St Matthews Church, in Brixton

One Spirit’s Drum Circle last Saturday was brilliant! It is held by Amir, the lead drummer in One Spirit band and he co-ordinated us for several hours, through making noise, to rhythms, to understanding the ‘conversations’ which take place during drumming and the importance to listening to one another, as a group.

This felt amazing as an experienced drummer but with a yearning to return and perform. We sat as a group of 20+ in a wide circle and copied the rhythms and beats which Amir taught us. He was full of energy, exploding into the beats as we played on, conducting us in waves of his drum stick and waving it wildly in the air, he reminds me of a slightly younger, Gustavo Dudamel, famously conducting the Youth Orchestra of Brazil; all hair and baton flying…

I’d been some time since I had used a djembe hand drum and at first it felt like a challenge to connect into the rhythms but then, I told myself to just ‘let your hands do the talking’ and I realised that it’s far easier not to focus on a specific beat necessarily but like a 5 year old sitting there with a drum, playing along with everyone else; it feels a great experience. 🙂

After the circle, I drank a mug of Yogi herbal ‘Women’s Tea’ and looked at the little inspirational quote upon the teabag tag, which read: “Finger paint more; point your finger less”! A perfect quote for now. Not least because I had been invited to attend a creative painting workshop the following day and also because I had intuitively felt that I must not ‘blame the day’ for any angst\challenges faced, during the day. W\I need not ‘point a finger’ in accusation, rather, to allow ourselves space to be more creative in the flow…

“Finger paint more..”The following day, Sunday I attended a creative Painting workshop by Shakti Healing Gardens, lead by Ma Shakti, in Brixton Community Centre.

After a series of exercises and partner work Ma Shakti invited us to sit at a long table where she had laid out a long piece of paper to draw & paint upon. I sat at one end and, with eyes closed, drew a series of squiggly lines and patterns, as my intuition felt like. I opened my eyes and saw that part of it hadn’t come out very well; the pen was running out. What did this all mean..{Q} Visibility, in life, to be clearer, bolder and essentially as visible as I intend to be, with my work life as well.

I chose a clean spot of paper to work on next and Ma Shakti explained that we could paint as we wished, with wichever medium we wanted to explore; fingers, credit cards, sponges, toothbrushes…she gave us each a pallet of paints and then some glue and tissue paper, to use in our art work. I mixed several colours together to create new ones and finger painted a series of little flowers, with yellow petals, then joined them together with red & yellow spots and sky blue dots around the outside. She invited us to use all of the colours and textures to express ourselves. I added mauves and stuck pieces of pink tissue paper on to one half of the design. I thought that I might do a mandala or something pretty with flowers, like a hand printed sunflower (I’d still like to do this) but as it turned out, I’d painted an upside-down heart! 🙂 Ma suddenly asked us how we’d cope with the unexpected, as she flicked a pile of red pigment powder onto each of our works! It was a bit of a shock, so I blew mine off a bit!

Next  she threw salt onto our paintings and again, we were forced to incorporate it into our work. She next gently placed a brown powder like substance onto our paper to feel. “What was it”{Q} A new type of pigment\paint {Q} No! Soil\compost from her garden! ❤ Ma instructed us to use up all of our paint and to fill in any gaps, leaving no paper showing, which I found hard and it felt quite impossible to achieve, so I coloured in some more parts but then stopped; time up!

Finally, we all regarded one another’s art work and gave feedback comments. One participant remarked that I had patiently painted a heart, though upside down and I hadn’t realised that I would do this; it was as much a surprise to myself as anybody. She remarked that it was as if it was for someone else and I was giving it away. So it now, makes all the more sense! An art work for my loved one(s)!

The others had painted an explosion, a firework effect, another a volcano, a poppy field scape (which was reminiscent of a Monet painting!) & she confessed that she was a primary school teacher! Another had painted a river like scene.

It was an awe inspiring afternoon; how we’d each reflected upon our inner life and let it be reflected externally.

We finished by chanting a throat chakra chant and Ma explained how cravings (eg to foods) may stem from this blocked energy (amongst other things), which may explain a lot about our process of expression and sugar addictions faced by our various civilisations.  We cut our paintings out to take home with us and took photos.

On our walk back through the houses we noticed a beautiful spring garden; a raised bed full of bamboo, Pansies and wall flowers 🙂 I stood by the wall and we took another photo until the owner came into view, from his living room & stood by his window from the inside! It was funny and I thanked him for having us take pictures at  his wonderful garden.

Remember: “Let your hands do the talking” and “Finger paint more (childlike creativity) and point the finger less (adult judgement)”

Have a happy weekend  & enjoy the Springtime sunshine! 🙂

Ruth Stout’s No-Work Gardening

April 11, 2015

I found this short clip of natural, organic gardening very inspiring, so much so, that for the first time ever, I am sharing this to forward on the laughter smiles (& tears) … 🙂 Thanks to KCC X

Kitchen Counter Culture

Here I am in the ripeness of middle age, learning for the first time about Ruth Stout, practitioner of the “no-work garden,” and author of books with titles like How to have a Green Thumb without an Aching BackGardening Without Work, and Don’t Forget to Smile: How to Stay Sane and Fit Over Ninety.  Since watching this video a few days ago, I’ve been completely inspired to do my own thing and be less vulnerable to other people’s opinions, and to let go of instructioning others (i.e. my kids) quite so much. Ruth Stout is hereby entering my Pantheon of Fabulous Role-Models.

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