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A Soulmate Journey with Elena Angel

March 16, 2014

Since meeting Elena a couple of weeks ago at a mutual soulmate’s dance event (URUBU) we have spoken about joining forces for her own activites, in Soulmate journey & Tantra groups. It’s not an area I’ve had any previous experience in, in a class sense, so wasn’t expecting anything particular from her Soulmate journey taster evening. She suggested I make a selection of Raw Chocolates for the participants to hand out as part of the evening, which I did; Spicy Citrus Hearts and Plain Dark Vanilla Chocolate. The evening was held in the beautiful, calm space at the Skylight Centre in Islington – a very spacious-feeling venue with comfortable beanbags and a relaxed ambiance.  I felt more relaxed when I met a couple of members’ friendly faces who I’d met at the birthday party a few weeks previously. The mixed group comprised of 23 participants and we began by explaining how we came to be there and what we’d like to achieve from the evening in regards to either meeting a soulmate, or to improve our current soulmate relationships. Elena explained that the key to understanding our relationships is in the initial ‘soul’ section of the word. We are souls, she shared, having a human experience… After this, she suggested that we move and get into our bodies further and wake up (as it was the end of the week!) We stood up and danced to ‘I feel good’ (James Brown); twisting she divided us into pairs and asked us to imagine our partners’ bodies from an anatomical perspective, the muscles, the bones and the light within the bones themselves. Our job felt easy as we could both easily see oneanother’s inner light, beaming through ourselves. Next, we joined up with another pair and in our group of 4, we were asked to share what we love, feel passionate about, enjoy and are talented in. My partner began and shared that she enjoyed giving (and recieving) unconditional love, to others and those countries affected by political disasters who need support. One of her first loves is also cookery. Her profession was a good reflection of the former, in this respect and her desire to integrate a further healing practice we felt was a good choice. We all listened carefully, then repeated back to her, what she had told us. Then we gave suggestions on ways she could give to a soulmate and what she could offer. In my turn, I explained my love for gardening; decorative plants and flowers, handicrafts – sewing, knitting, creative projects, the rewarding nature of the work I practice with Naturopathic Nutrition and Healing and how special it feels to truely assist in another’s personal development and physical healing. Also I like art, both as pictures to view on walls and to meander around an art gallery. Then baking, preparing food and in service to others with my Raw Chocolate, cakes and other foods; it’s a highly rewarding activity. We shared our suggestions and thoughts in an honest, open and sincere manner; which felt a safe space to do so. We all felt warm (a glow akin to drinking whiskey), happy and valued through our groups’ combined encouragement and by the end , people who’d arrived feeling below-par, were smiling.  Then, in feedback, they repeated what I had expressed but also added in their own thoughts and interpretations. Another member shared that she’d felt safe back in her homeland but had moved to London for her profession and had lost confidence to a degree. As such, she didn’t find it easy to discuss her passions with us at all, until she volunteered her recent spell as a Yoga teacher; her face lit up and it was easy for us to reassure her that she would no doubt find soulmates in this arena. We commented on how courageous it was for her to have travelled across the world to another country, entirely different from her own and to make a new life in London. Here she would find friends and to not give up hope. She continued effortlessless and eloquently in her explanations and I commented as such; she sounded far surer that she’d previously thought. Finally, our 4th member shared that he’d grown up in part of Asia but still held onto some of the traditions and beliefs he was encouraged to from his relatives at home. Now working in IT he felt lost is his identity – who he was and what way to turn to become more attrated to soulmates. We gently questionned him, until he reported his love for his gym fitness classes and working out. Why not try to be a gym instructor,  I suggested, since he no longer wished to stay in IT and this was an area he could develop; but then he expressed a love for massage and we suggested that he enjoyed specialising in a specific area and for him to continue to do that and his soulmates may come through from there. He was over-the moon and grateful for our responses; we all were. We held hands and instantly felt a strong group connection, though we’d known each other for barely 20 mins. After a short tea & juice break, we returned to report back and shared our experiences with the group; and how the group encouragement had meant something valuable to us. I handed round a selection of Spicy Citrus raw chocolates and we ate them with a partner, whilst reading a short poetry quote. We ended by completing an evaluation form and leaving a testimonial, on film for Elena to use. We all said our goodbyes and I learnt that the London Tantra Festival, would be held next weekend, at the Barbican. For more information on Elena’s work visit