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Sing your Hart out; highlights from the London Permaculture Festival

July 8, 2014

Last Sunday saw a record number of people attend the 5th Annual London Permaculture Festival.
For myself, one of the main highlights of the Festival was the singing workshop with Su Hart (as I’d had the privilege to sing\perform with her and the Shakti Sings Choir at Glastonbury Festival 2013, with her catchy song lyrics still fresh in my mind, a year later). Eagerly anticipated by festival organisers and public alike; we held a v.strong group of approx 50 people by the end, all humming and singing in unison, together as one team , or gang, as Su liked to refer to us (!) constantly referencing back to the Baka tribe she has lived with, in Cameroon. This method of singing together in harmonies reflects the methods used for traditional hunting techniques by the Baka, for calling their prey to them, in a series of beautiful, enchanting melodies which enrapture the listener.

Su lead us into 2 groups with an energy beholding a playful exuberance, in a call and response style and response towards one another as groups ‘the opposition’. She explained the ups and downs of the forest life and how the Baka tribe communicate not only with their voices but also by using their hands using actions in unison. We all aimed to sing together, as one, equally, as is the custom of the Baka tribe itself.
We all sang our hearts (or should that be Hart’s?) out towards one another and felt a stronger bond, together as a result having been part of a tribal ritual mostly through drama, voice & song alone.

London Permaculture Network are aiming to put on a day workshop with Su Hart in the near future. If you are interested in receiving more information on attending Su’s workshop(s) or her project works please contact LPN\Susannah Hall through
Places will be limited, so express your interest now for a place on this special singing workshop day with the energetic, professional choir leader and land-care lyricist, Su Hart.

The Formidable Vegetable Sound System play @PassingClouds

June 24, 2014

The Permaculture Picturehouse presents #Londonpermaculturefestival has its own warm-up party coming up on Tuesday next week, showcasing the amazing talents of the Formidable Vegetable Sound System who headlined at the festival last year and played at the Glastonbury Festival last year too (I had the pleasure of working in the tent next door to their performance at the time…) at Permaculture Picturehouse Formidable Vegetable Sound System @passingclouds 

I just *LOVE* these guys lyrics: “There’s no such thing as waste; just stuff that’s in the wrong place…”

Click here for all the info:

The Publicity team and I have beavered away at sharing this news with the world at length, so we can hardly contain our excitement at the prospect of seeing this wonderful band perform again!

Who’s with us!? X


London Permaculture Festival 2014

May 4, 2014

It’s just a couple of months away ’til the 4th Annual London Permaculture Festival. A one day event held at Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London NW1 7AY. Once again, I’m proud to be part of the volunteer publicity team on this special event day.

There will be workshops (intro and advanced), ‘how-to’ sessions, live music, films, a stalls market and a kid’s zone. Find more information at

Tickets: £6 (waged) / £4 (unwaged) on the door

Join people from all over London and beyond to discuss, network and learn about creative solutions for a sustainable, healthy future.

This is a grassroots event, organised entirely by volunteers, if you’d like to help out with program planning, publicity or being part of the crew on the day, please contact Kayode at:

Get your GLOW on!

March 23, 2014

I walked into one of my favourite health stores in London this afternoon and was greeted by the owner, Steve “Wow! You’re glowing today!” I smiled and suggested that it may have been perhaps that I’d worn my hair up…? (I could think of no immediate difference from any other day.) “No, you’re definitely glowing!” he replied. “Aha! I’ve been collecting wild greens and making tea, soup, eating more fresh fruit & … barefoot gardening…!” I responded. So here’s how to get on a glow, naturally 🙂

Sleep, rest (another hr would be nice…)

Meditiation. My friend Joe announced this week that meditating for just 5 mins can change your whole day.

Barefoot gardening. Gardening in general – hands in the soil (as opposed to our mobile devices – re Satish Kumar’s recent quote in Resurgence magazine) is a good thing. Taking off your shoes and socks, voluntarily and pootling around the lawn and paths on a warm sunny day, is even better 🙂 Grounding through the earth, soil, negative ions, makes for a pleasant 20 mins gardening session weekly \ daily.

Weeds up to your ankles? Find your local hot-spots for naturally wild growing edibles. March brings nettles, cleavers, chickweed, mallow and many more soon & before long there’ll be a multitude to chose from. This involves knowing what, where and how to collect. See other blog posts for info on this weeks’ collection items. Clearly, they have done their job. 2pts Cleavers Tonic = Cleansing to a glow on another level! Lots grow in my local nature reserve, clean alley ways and woodland.

Natural Hygeine and Food Combining. A good food combination makes for easy digestion, greater energy and brighter skin. I began the day with Banana & Pear (& Satsuma end of previous day -post party!). Less is more – choose from a couple of items eg fresh fruit & a fresh fat or even 1 variety eaten alone makes the stomach feel full and replenished. Try blueberries, melon (when warmer) all with lettuce, celery & fennel (when in season) for further weight-loss action.

Fresh Water & healing herbal teas – Chamomile, green, mint, Jasmine, lemon in water. During warmer weather, we must replenish our levels often, with the purest sources possible.

I like to drink a mixture now, of a variety of teas, combined with fresh water, juice, smoothies, coconut water, ‘mocktails’ and nut & seed milks.

Sunshine; well as often as we can get it in the UK – in the mornings this week, I’ve been out to soak up Vitamin D and enjoy the sun as often as possible. Tips – homeworkers, moving the office outside can be a nice way to begin the day & barefoot in the grass. However it’s not always the most plausable or ideal option for us all.

Touch = giving and recieving, in the most harmonious of ways, makes us feel, and feel more human as we’re physiologically and biologically made to enjoy and give, natural (wanted) general or loving touch. Whether at a Tantra festival (as I was yesterday) stroking a strangers brow or in a more intimate embrace; giving and recieving a natural touch is healing on many levels. Recieving a light, gentle stroke across my face or a neck & shoulder massage, makes me feel understood and welcome (in the right circumstances).

Hobbies – spend time in the best way you know how, at that moment. This morning, I browsed round a collection fair and discovered my love for vintage posters, local social history and my old floral & fruit interests re-ignited again 🙂 I purchsed a number of images to show my family and friends and invite their interest into social history in new ways.