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December 10, 2014

Birthday pic joe and Graham bday meal henri & Andrew

This month’s Funky Raw magazine features my 2 reviews on a Vegetarian Paris Guide (& the local Calabash Pop-Up, previously featured here). It’s a bumper issue!

The mag & food info is on here:

The Guide Books can be purchased here:

An excerpt reads … ‘By the time I’d read half way through, I was feeling a) hungry, from all the delicious looking photos of the dishes in Paris and b) wanting to go on another visit to Paris!

Who would like to go out to visit Paris for a few of these places mentioned?’

Local weekend antics

June 2, 2014

Before my Healthwise clinic began in the afternoon, I chose to visit A Chelsea Fringe event – a Gardening road show – what would this be like {Q} I went over to St Catherine’s church in New Cross, by the ever lovely Telegraph Hill Pk to  investigate. The park is alive with flowing the stream\waterfall and exotic planting, alongside African monuments & grassy slopes.  The fair, though small, was bustling with activity and horticultural expertise from the Kent fairs with succulents from blueleaf plants, bouquets from Bow Meadows and herbs from Invicta 🙂 Enjoyed a lovely atmosphere for an hr til I had to head off towards etc spring May 13 202

En route, discovering the delightful mini-health shop & plant nursery, Dig this Nursery  located by the railway bridge, directly opposite New Cross Gate stn, with plants outside (it makes a nice change in the area 😉 ) They sell plants, flowers, organic fresh produce and a good selection of grocery goods etc in a wee spot. A lovely little place to stock up on the essentials!

Next shop stop Greenwich Market, raw food \ mixed salad stall (& other bakers & cooked veg*n delicacies) to enjoy in the park & meander through the beautiful flower gardens on the way back home. flowers etc spring May 13 211flowers etc spring May 13 218flowers etc spring May 13 222

Fortunately another sunny day on Sunday, brought planting out the new Chelsea Flower show plants inc cornflower and a borage; all purple and blue ground covers and red foliage and gardening in general, since I’d been away over the past few weeks.

Next up, I got a call from my dad, who told me that our neighbouring rd, Further Green Rd, was having a street party, so I went round to investigate. A wonderful time was had by all, including a salsa dancing spot and local dignitaries 🙂

Our gathering Elder flowers all weekend (and ever since) has not been in vain. All week, Cerys Matthews (from Catatonia fame) is DJing on Radio 2 from 8-10pm discussing foraging, amongst other brilliant things. Unable to resist my favourite topic of the month, I sent in a short txt msg about the walk and edible foods inc. the refresher recipe and had a mention live on air. It seems that Cerys is not just a super singer & DJ but a foraging lover too…!

My fridge has been full of containers full of flowers and water, on a cyclical basis since they came out into bloom. It’s the most flavourful drink I know and is pertained to be healing for hay-fever and mucous conditions (since it is beneficial to the mucus lining).

So go & get picking whilst they last! 😉 Elder flowers cluster from Mansfield Pk


Brecknock Road Vegan Festival in N.W.London

November 6, 2013

On Saturday 9th November, I am filming with the Vegan Society at the Brecknock Rd Vegan Festival in N.W. London, as a Trade Mark holder. There is lots to see, come along to join us!

Full details are here: