Seasonal Wild Food Foraging: Nettles in Autumn

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We may affect our energy levels and even our emotional balance are affected by seasonal changes. Nutritionally speaking, seasonal, fresh & wild foods provide us with the best source of vitamins and minerals. Luckily, these are available and growing naturally in our local areas. If suffering from low energy levels, stress, menstrual cramps\emotions and mental health concerns may indicate a lack of Iron, Magnesium and Calcium. Fortunately, these minerals are widely found among Nature’s Pharmacy; particularly Nettles! (Urticae Dioica)

A good remedy is to use the tips (top 4 freshest & greenest leaves) and simmer in a pan of a little water, to make a tea; this is a multi-vitamin & mineral drink in itself!
For a further boost, blend the dark, Iron rich liquid together with the leaves (cooking in hot water softens the leaves) & add your favourite vegetables eg. sweet potato & onion plus any seasonings to form a soup.

To preserve the leaves and the seeds over Winter, Nettle stems can be dried by hanging them upside-down in a warm dry place eg. A garden shed.

Autumn is the perfect time to use the protein enhanced Nettle seeds; as they hang down from the stems (they remind me of an old man’s beard!) These look great sprinkled on to your soup (or any other dish too.)

To improve your health this Autumn & Winter, here are recipes to use Nettle leaves & seeds in a variety of ways.

Always take good care to use a safe picking technique, to avoid skin irritation when collecting and picking Stinging Nettles. Dock, Plantain (Plantago Major) & Dandelion leaves can relieve the sting irritation by rubbing the leaf onto the skin. Alternatively wear gardening gloves or use a scarf or scissors to safely cut off & collect your nettle leaves!

Have a wonderfully wild & healing Autumn!

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