New Year; new Seasonal Delights!


A vase of Wild Mistletoe gathered from the Winchester countryside in January.

Winchester is fast becoming one of my favourite cities in which to enjoy, largely because I visit various friends occasionally in academic times for the University & the excellent new Animal Welfare Dept (lead by fellow vegan athlete Dr Andrew Knight) plus my colleagues in Raw Food & Fertility Gardening; Muriel & Eddie, who are the experts in fermentation & wild foods, organic permaculture \ fertility gardening and growing sprouts\wheatgrass etc. I was fortunate enough to be stay with them both, on the occasion of Eddie’s workshop (on the above subjects) on one evening for the community centre spiritual event that night. Muriel set to making all things related to pumpkin for a delicious hot & cold buffet with the help of myself & James, who joined us to create a series of home picked shredded brussel sprout & carrot coleslaw, Wilted Kale and a hearty Pumpkin & Curried Vegetable Soup with Pumpkin Chai latte (milkshakes) and Pumpkin Ice-Cream Cake for dessert.


Catering for a Women’s Retreat in London with Organic Pumpkins!


Posh Pumpkin Recipes

Roasted Pumpkin & Red Miso Soup

This recipe uses Miso & Seagreens as tasty alternatives to salt, for their Sodium content.

Ingredients: several inch-wide slices of pumpkin (ideally 1 segment per serving)

1 Onion

2 Parsnips, 2 potatoes

Sprig of fresh Rosemary -finely chopped

1 tsp Red Miso Paste

1 tbsp Olive\Coconut Oil

1 tsp Seagreens granules



  • Prepare the pumpkin by slicing off the outer skin either with a vegetable peeler or knife. Slice into 1 inch pieces to roast.
  • Prepare the other vegetables accordingly and slice into 1-2 inch length pieces. Place on a roasting sheet and drizzle with olive or coconut oil. Bake in the oven for 30-40 mins until soft.
  • Place all the vegetables into a pan  with the Miso, Rosemary, Seagreens granules and mash then blend together, using a hand blender stick. Alternatively, using a food processor to blend together, adding water where necessary to blend to the desired consistency.

One of Eddie & Muriel’s finest; their allotments in Winchester yielded 43 pumpkins of several varieties in 2016!

Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

This makes a delicious alternative to traditional pasta dishes; chick pea flour pasta is rich in protein and is very similar in texture to the traditional durum wheat-based pasta dishes.


1 portion of Pumpkin Soup (as above)

1 serving of Gluten-free Pasta eg. Naturbit chickpea flour spaghetti.

2-5 x Sundried or fresh cherry tomatoes

1 tsp Sunflower seeds (plain, sprouted \ soaked or toasted!)


  • Cook the pasta for 12 mins, as per instructions; strain and rinse in clean, hot water. Return to the saucepan.
  • Stir in the sauce and heat for up to 5 mins until warm. Add sundried and \or fresh cherry tomatoes, seeds and any additional seasoning.
  • Serve with the gluten-free pasta and a fresh salad or steamed\lightly fried seasonal fresh leaves eg spinach or kale.


Pumpkin, Paprika & Poppy Seed Pasty

This recipe is inspired by the addition of Paprika from Spain (& the intention to not use any peas!)


1 portion of Naturbit Gluten-free Pastry Mix

1 x 1 inch slice of pumpkin (peeled & sliced into chunks)

1 tsp poppy seeds

Pinch of Spanish Smoked Paprika


  • Pre-cook the pumpkin in a little water in a pan (or steam over other vegetables) for approx 10 mins
  • Prepare the pastry according to the instructions: mix the flour with a little water until a dough consistency is reached and the mixture forms into a ball. Press the dough between your hands to form a circle (chapati style) the size of a small plate.
  • Place the pastry onto a grease-proof sheet or tray and scoop the pumpkin into one half side of the pasty disc. Sprinkle with the Smoked Paprika and fold the pastry over, to cover the filling, like a pasty. Sprinkle with poppy seeds (& press them into the surface of the pastry).
  • Bake at 180 degrees for 20 mins until the pastry has turned slightly brown & is cooked.
  • Serve with lightly stir-fried broccoli florets with tamari sauce, freshly sliced peppers and a fresh tahini sauce (or dressing).


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