The Green & Juicy Cafe @Gaunts House Summer Gathering

It was so lovely to go back to Gaunts House again; set in acres of gorgeous Dorset countryside it is one of the most beautiful estates to work and enjoy a festival with friends old & new.

Thanks to our awesome team lead by Muriel & Eddie, with Lulu, Marisa & Delilah, her daughter who trained in wheat-grass production, aged 9.

Friends joined me for the day or the weekend which was delightful and we enjoyed a very busy few days out on the land; all women on the whole setting up and running the show … we delighted our customers with a varied menu including wild dandelion root ‘coffee’, smoothies, juices, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate torte, millionaire shortbread, a selection of pickles\sauerkraut, sunflower & pea shoots with different salads, bread\crackers, dips and dressings, daily. These were all prepared freshly and in the dehydrators & using a ‘Thermomix’ blender\processor! 🙂

I’d found an old\disused wooden cable reel in a field (which looks like a giant cotton reel) which I realised, when placed on its end, would make a very useful dining table; an interior design project was begun, using great fabric offcuts & samples that I’d previously found at a haberdashers in Poole, we set about transforming the ‘table’ in front of the stall & placed a parasol in the centre; hey-presto! A superb upcycled cafe table was born, complete with a beautiful tree log seat and a hay- bale with cushion as another. Our table was an instant hit as the surface provided much needed preparation and demonstration space to decorate cakes and to spiralise yellow courgettes for supper & the parasol provided some much needed shade… Our little vegan cafe drew much attention from all the customers and despite long hours in the relentless heat, we were successful overall. 🙂

gaunts '16 debs



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