Wild Food Foraging Walk

http://ourhithergreen.com/events/forage-walk/ My first group outing this year includes the following: A 2 hr guided walk through a local nature reserve and woodland as part of ‘Hither Green Week’. The collection of wild foods: Identify and taste local wild herb varieties and learn about their culinary and medicinal uses in salads, teas and tinctures. For old and new ecology, environment and nature lovers. Suitable for all ages. Complete beginners and current foragers welcome. We’ll discover the edible plants that this hidden haven has to offer. This outing combines the insights gained from personal, private and public tours which is made possible with thanks to: Effat (Iranian Wild Food expert), Rob Hull (Funky Raw) and Tim the ‘Wiltshire Wizard’ amongst others, inc my flora and fauna loving parents to whom I owe my early interest in science and medicine 🙂 Imageme out to play

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One Response to “Wild Food Foraging Walk”

  1. Lior Says:

    Hi theresa! Thank you very much for this event! I would like to take part in it, but I’m not on facebook, and will be happy to know some details, to make sure I come on the right time and place… If you want to contact me it will be great, it’s basbablun@yahoo.com

    Thank you! Lior

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